Sasol HF-1000 Solvent

Sasol HF-1000 Solvent is a synthetic blend of paraffins, olefins, and oxygenates. It is a pale yellow, oily liquid with a medium flash point and a mild odor. HF-1000 Solvent is an alternative to diesel-based fluids and highly branched isoparaffinic mineral oils, which have low acute aquatic toxicity, rapid biodegradation, and the absence of polynuclear aromatics.
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Identification & Functionality

Chemical Family
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Features & Benefits

Applications & Uses

Fluids & Lubricants Type
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Recommended Applications

Sasol Chemicals HF-1000 Solvent can be used in a wide array of applications including oilfield drilling and stimulation fluids, frother blends and flotation aids in mining, pesticide formulations, lubricating oils, chemical process solvents, degreasers and metal rolling oils.


Physical Form
Mild Odor
Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Flash Pointmin. 93.3°CPMCC, ASTM D-56
Distillation Range (95%)304 - 346°CASTM D-86
Distillation Range (IBP)208 - 234°CASTM D-86
Viscosity (at 40°C)2 - 3cStASTM D-445
Viscosity (at 20°C)3 - 4cStASTM D-445
Vapor Pressure (at 20°C)max. 0.3torrASTM D-2879
Specific Gravity (at 16°C)0.795 - 0.815ASTM D-287
Nitrogen Contentmax. 1ppm
Average Molecular Weight210 - 220g/molAPI
Lubricity0.11Baroid benchtop meter
Density (at 16°C)6.63 - 6.80lbs/galASTM D-287
Sulfur Contentmax. 1mg/kgRCM 5202
Bromine Numbermax. 0.2ASTM D-1159
Water Contentmax. 50ppmKarl-Fischer
Colormax. 100APHA
Pour Pointmax. -20°CASTM D-97
Aniline Point66.0°CASTM D-611
Auto-ignition Temperature248.0°CASTM E-659
Kauri-Butanol Value18.0ASTM D-1133

Regulatory & Compliance

Chemical Inventories

Safety & Health

Environmental Profile

Environmental Properties of HF-1000 Solvent

Sasol HF-1000 Solvent Environmental Profile - 1

Aerobic Biodegradation

Biodegradation tests run in accordance with OECD 301-F guidelines show that the HF-1000 Solvent will exhibit >60% degradation by day 28. When tested together, the HF-1000 Solvent shows a more rapid and extensive biodegradation than the #2 diesel fuel.

Figure 1.Biodegradation of HF-1000 Solvent and #2 Diesel Fuel by OECD 301-F Guidelines.

Sasol HF-1000 Solvent Environmental Profile - 2

Storage & Handling

Shelf Life
36 Months
Storage and Handling

Safe handling advice

Ensure all equipment is electrically grounded before beginning transfer operations.

Storage/Transport temperature


Storage/Transport pressure


Load/Unload temperature

Above product melting point.

Further Storage Information

Small quantities should be stored in sealed bottles, totes and drums at a temperature of 25°C (77°F) or less. Liquid bulk quantities should be padded with a dry inert gas, such as nitrogen, to prevent air from entering the tank or container. The product should not be exposed to temperatures in excess of 60°C (140°F) for long periods of time to avoid product degradation. Based on our experience, HF-1000 Solvent shows no physical and/or chemical changes for at least 36 months after the manufacturing date when stored under conditions that minimize exposure to air, moisture and extreme temperatures. It is recommended to test the solvent for key specifications every 36 months after the manufacturing date.