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TES™ J-4/35

Brand: TES

Applications: Pipes & Hoses, Pipes & Plumbing, Cooling & Climate

Product Families: Polyamides

Chemical Family: Polyamides

Polymer Name: Polyamide 612 (PA 612)

End Uses: Valve Parts, Medical Devices, Grommets

TES J-4/35 is a Polyamide 612 (Nylon 612) product filled with 35% glass fiber. It can be processed by injection molding and is available in Africa & Middle East, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, or North America. Applications of TES J-4/35 include engineering/industrial parts, automotive, electrical/electronic applications, furniture and handles.Characteristics include: RoHS Compliant Chemical Resistant Good Stiffness Heat Resistant High Strength