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Founded in 1924 and privately held, Teknor Apex Company is one of the most ethical, customer-connected companies in the material science industry. All across the world, people come into contact with products we had a hand in making. At Teknor, that’s a major reason why we love what we do. With six specialty divisions, Vinyl, TPE, Nylon, Colorants, Chemicals and Garden Hose and almost a century of expertise, we have the capability to deliver highly tailored solutions, no matter the customer, supplier, or product. As a global leader in custom compounding we’ve always ventured beyond the boundaries of traditional thinking, providing our employees with the freedom for innovative and strategic thought. With nine U.S. locations and operations in Belgium, Germany, Singapore, and China, we provide an atmosphere that stimulates and develops our diverse workforce in an effort to bring together the best ideas and talent across all divisions.

Elliott Pritikin

Global Product Manager

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