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Lipomulse Emulsifiers

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Lipomulse® non-ionic emulsifiers and solubilizers are compatible with most personal care ingredients. Available with a wide range of hlb values, they can be used to stabilize oil-in-water and water-in-oil emulsions, solubilize hydrophobic and active ingredients, and have thickening, lubricating, and antistatic effects. 

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Lipomulse® Luxe Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Lipomulse™ Luxe MB
Technical Data Sheet
Products: Lipomulse™ Luxe MB

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Tinted BB Cream
Skin Care
Sun Protection Baby Cream
Baby Lotion
Baby Care
End Uses: Baby Lotion
Body Butter with Lipomulse® ECO (Natural Theme)
Body Oil
Skin Care, Bath & Shower
End Uses: Body Oil
Light Pore Cleansing Lotion
Body Wash & Cleanser
Bath & Shower
End Uses: Body Wash & Cleanser
Hair Conditioner with Lipobutter Refined Organic Shea
Hair Conditioner
Hair Care
End Uses: Hair Conditioner
Anti-Aging Lotion for Mature Skin with Orgasol® Restore
Anti-Aging Products
Skin Care
End Uses: Anti-Aging Products