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PreBio™ Defense

Brand: PreBio

Applications: Other Beauty & Care, Skin Care, Bath & Shower

Product Families: Sensory Modifiers, Other Functional Additives

INCI Name: Cellulose, Undaria Pinnatifida Extract, Yeast Beta-Glucan

End Uses: Anti-Aging Products, Face Creams & Lotions, Moisturizers

PreBio™ Defense is designed to support the beneficial bacterial strains found on our skin. Prebiotics are best known as a type of fiber called oligosaccharides which aid in the attachment and nourishment of skin flora while providing a moisture rich environment for further support. PreBio™ Defense is a group of different chemical compounds found in nature, including fructo and gluco-oligosaccharides as well as inulin. When delivered to the skin, the healthy bacteria (by feeding and multiplying) can overwhelm the unhealthy bacteria which in turn slightly stimulates your immune system to stay vigilant and alert, boosting your skin’s barrier and protective functions.