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Ceramide TIC-001

Sold by Vantage Personal Care™
INCI Name: Ceramide NG
Function: Revitalizing Agent, Skin Barrier Protectant, Restoring Agent, Skin Replenishing Agent, Anti-Acne Agent, Moisturizing Agent, Anti-Aging Agent
Labeling Claims: Clean at Sephora
Benefit Claims: Barrier Function Improvement, Skin Barrier, Anti-Aging, Replenishing, Tewl Reduction, Repairing, Irritation Reduction, Moisturizing, Anti-Acne, Improves Skin Permeability, Restoring, Sun Protection
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Ceramide TIC-001 Product Brochure
Ceramide TIC-001 Product Brochure

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Identification & Functionality

Ceramide TIC-001 Features & Benefits

Product Background

Ceramides play a key role in the establishment of stratum corneum barrier function for water evaporation and the management of outside insults. These barrier enhancement properties are key in the treatment of dry, flaky skin. In healthy skin, common disruptions in the barrier are caused by changes in pH and UV irradiation which induce water loss across the skin that leads to a natural increase in lipid production including ceramides.

However, in chronic situations where the enzymes involved in ceramide metabolism are dysfunctional, this mechanism becomes impaired and can lead to decreased elasticity, cracking, scaling and inflammation.

Ceramide deficiency also increases naturally with aging, especially in women and exposure to cold, dry, seasonal weather. Supplying a nature identical ceramide topically facilitates lipid replenishment and restores proper hydration barrier and skin function.

Key Attributes
  • Skin Barrier Repair
  • Nature Identical with Improved Bio-Availability
  • Reduces Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL)
  • Restores Moisture
  • Helps Improve Dry, Flaky Skin due to Environmental Stress & Aging
Product Highlights

Ceramide TIC-001 is a more than 95% optically pure, nature identical form of Ceramide NG derived from a patented asymmetric catalysis technology from Takasago.

In contrast to other commercially available ceramides that are mixtures of optical isomers, Ceramide TIC-001 is a single optical isomer that is recognized and metabolized by skin enzymes, providing fast and efficient improvement in stratum corneum barrier properties and moisturization.

Ceramide TIC-001 can be incorporated into topically applied formulations to treat dry, mature skin, and to restore skin barrier properties.

Studies have shown that Ceramide TIC-001 reduces Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL) and helps retain moisture content in the stratum corneum when the skin is exposed to a chemical stress.

Nature identical Ceramide TIC-001 was also shown to assist in restoring the skin barrier property by reducing the TEWL to normal levels.

When tested on aged hormonally impaired skin, Ceramide TIC001 improved barrier properties by reducing TEWL and irritation, both when applied to intact skin and after mechanical insult.

Applications & Uses


Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Heavy Metals Contentmax. 20ppm-
Melting Point 100.0-115°C-
Optical Puritymin. 95%HPLC