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Yantai Hengyuan Bioengineering L-aspartic acid

Yantai Hengyuan Bioengineering L-aspartic acid is a kind of important natural amino acid.Industry it is mainly used as heart disease medicine,liver function accelerant,ammonia antidote,fatigue eliminating medicament and one component of amino acid transfusion, It can be used as biologic and chemic reagent ,culture medium and organic synthesized intermediate .

Ingredient Name: L-aspartic Acid

Benefit Claims (Health): Cardioprotective, Hepatoprotection

Enhanced TDS

Enhanced TDS

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Features & Benefits

Benefit Claims (Health)

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Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Molecular FormulaC4H7NO4--
Molecular Weight133.1--
Quality standardAJ192 、FCCIV、AJI97--
Transmittancemin. 98.0%-
Specific roation[α]D20#ERROR!--
Loss on dryingmax. 0.20%-
Residue on ignitionmax. 0.10%-
Chloride[Cl]max. 0.02%-
Sulfate[SO42-]max. 0.02%-
Arsenic[As]max. 1--
Heavy Metals[Pb]max. 10ppm-
Iron[Fe]max. 10ppm-
Ammonium salt[NH4+]max. 0.02%-
Other Amino AcidsNONE--