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Nipol® BR 1220

Sold by ZEON Corporation
Nipol BR affords excellent abrasion resistance, low temperature resistance, and heating characteristics, as well as high rebound resilience. There are two types of Nipol BR-high cis-BR and low cis-BR-with different levels of cis-1,4 content, which can be selected according to the specific application. When combined with other rubbers, such as natural rubber, SBR, and NBR, Nipol BR provides and improves low-temperature performance and other characteristics, the inherent features of Nipol BR, while maintaining each rubber's unique properties. Nipol BR is widely used and has proved satisfactory in a variety of manufacturing processes for such products as tires, footwear, vibration-insulating rubber, and high impact polystyrene.UsesAuto tires, bicycle tires, aircraft tires, tire treads, camelback, conveyor belts, V-belt, packings, seals, footwear, coated fabrics, molded and extruded mechanical goods.
Polymer Name: Polybutadiene Rubber (BR)
Processing Methods: Extrusion, Injection Molding
Additives Included: Antioxidant
End Uses: Conveyor Parts, Footwear, Tires, Belts/Belt Repair
Features: Low Temperature Resistant, Anti-Oxidant, Abrasion Resistant
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Nipol® BR 1220
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