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4-Plex® E

Sold by Zinpro
Function: Mineral, Amino Acid
Protein Content: 62.4 %
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Technical Data Sheet
4-Plex® E Technical Data Sheet
4-Plex® E Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet

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Identification & Functionality

4-Plex® E Features & Benefits

Applications & Uses

Feeding Instructions
    g/hd/d g/US Ton g/MT
DAIRY CATTLE Calves   500 550
  Growing Heifers 5.5    
  Non-Lactating Cows 7    
  Lactating Cows 7    
BEEF CATTLE Creep Feed   1.150 1.250
  Weaned Calves   500 550
  Cows and Bulls 7    
  Feedlot Receiving 7    
  Feedlot Finishing 7    
GOATS All 1    
HORSES All 7    
SWINE All Consult your Zinpro Representative  
POULTRY All   700 775
SPECIALITY Deer 3.5    
  Elk 7    
  Llamas 2    
  Rabbits 0.2    
  • BEEF CATTLE: Creep feed recommendation based on daily intake of 1% body weight.
  • WARNING: Contains high levels of copper. DO NOT FEED TO SHEEP OR RELATED SPECIES.


Physical Form
Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Particle CharacteristicsFree flowing, slightly hygroscopic--
SolubilityActive product is water soluble--
Package TypeMultiwall bag--
Package Weight55.1 (25)lb (Kg)-
Moisture3,600 (0.36)ppm (%)-
Ash1.0 - 2.5%-
Crude Protein62.4%-
Crude Fiber17.1%-
Density(50 - 52) (800 - 830)lb/ft3 (kg/m3)-

Regulatory & Compliance

Chemical Inventories

Packaging & Availability

Packaging Type

Storage & Handling

Handling, Storage and Shelf life
  • When correctly used, there is no toxicity hazard in the use of 4 Plex E. Refer to the SDS for more detail. Store in a clean and dry environment. Follow label directions and rotate inventory to ensure fresh product.
  • Shelf Life: 5 years after the date of manufacture
4-Plex® E