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Instantly transform how customers discover, engage and transact with you online.

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Knowde makes it easy for your customers to do business with you online.

You’ve built your business through trade shows, field sales, and relationships. But your customers and their expectations have changed.

They’re digital-first.

How do you meet them where they are?

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Digital transformation starts with digitizing your product catalog.

Your product data is spread across your organization, with no central source of truth. Knowde’s proprietary, AI-driven technology will automatically organize, cleanse and structure all of your product data into an industry-leading taxonomy, creating your product hierarchy and product master data.

The result — the single, global source of truth for product data.

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Your digitized product catalog enables an amazing customer experience.

Deploy your digital product catalog and Knowde’s turnkey customer experience platform on your website, Knowde’s marketplace or both to create incredible experiences for your customers online.

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Your Website
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Give customers the modern buying experience they want without building an expensive custom solution in-house. Deploy your digital product catalog and Knowde’s platform on your website, turning the place your customers already visit into a sales growth tool.

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The Knowde Marketplace
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R&D and Procurement teams from the industry’s top companies are searching on Knowde right now. List your products on the world's largest catalog of ingredients, polymers and chemicals to instantly expand your reach and acquire more high-intent leads.

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Instantly provide the modern experience your customers expect.

A single source of truth to manage your entire customer experience.

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Customer Requests

Handle customer requests in one place, such as samples, quotes and documents, to maintain a system of record at scale.

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Lead Management

Manage leads from your website and storefront with automated routing rules and powerful lead dashboards that help you streamline processes and increase conversions.

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Engagement Tools

Engage with customers at scale with live or asynchronous messaging to speed up response times and deepen customer relationships.

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In-depth Insights

Get never before seen customer insights–like who exactly views a product page–to convert more leads, increase upsells, and understand your customer journey.

Suppliers and customers love Knowde.

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Knowde Supplier

Knowde is impacting the world’s largest industry.

“Knowde is shaping the future of commerce in our industry.”

DuPont President

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Knowde Customer

Customers push innovation forward with Knowde.

“Knowde is helping us find newer, smaller but up-and-coming suppliers that are useful to have on our radar, especially in the field of sustainability.”

R&D Professional

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Personal Care

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Knowde Supplier

Suppliers grow their business with Knowde.

“The digital platform is another opportunity for us to broaden our reach to formulators and folks who are looking for products with various attributes and benefits.”

AdvanSix CEO & President

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Bring Your Distribution Channels Online

Knowde makes it easy to set up distribution channels, route leads to the right partners and collaborate on sales opportunities.

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Transform your digital customer experience today!

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Digital transformation starts with Knowde.

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