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Chemical suppliers and their customers are the innovators behind the end-products we rely on every day. Chemistry is used to make every physical good on earth, including the products we love from Unilever, Glossier, Apple, Nike, 3M and J&J.

And yet, the largest and most impactful industry in the world is still doing business the same way it did 100 years ago.

Until now.

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The Magic

‘Chemicals’ is not a dirty word.

Chemical bonds make up everything around you — beyond physical products.

Chemicals facilitate every experience in your life.

Chemicals capture your memories through the device in your pocket.

Chemicals provide comfort in knowing treatments exist to protect your family from illness.

They are our DNA.


Chemistry touches 96% of all manufactured goods


The Chemical Industry supports a whopping 25% of the US GDP


There are $5 TRILLION in chemical transactions every year

The Brands & Products You Love Trust Knowde

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Cultural Principles

We are a band of people bonded together through serendipity. We've been brought together for a mission. The way we march forward is what makes us different. Our cultural principles describe how we move in sync.

Surround yourself with top-tier talent!

Hilan Kaplan

Director of Knowledge

Knowde is home to some of the most ambitious and talented people I've ever worked with. Every day is VERY exciting!

Emp. Since — 2020

California, USA

Camille Molas

eCommerce Analyst

Knowde is changing an industry that is critical for everyday life for the better!

Emp. Since — 2022

New York, USA

Sweta Giri

Technical Data Analyst

We are building the information taxonomy for some of the biggest chemical companies on the planet! It makes me amazingly proud to be a part of Knowde.

Emp. Since — 2021

Bengaluru, India

Chih Wang

Engineering Manager

It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to completely transform how business is done in one of the most critical and foundational industries in the world!

Emp. Since — 2022

Seattle, USA

Chris Mann

Principal Product Designer

I love working with a superstar team and driving innovation in an industry that is foundational to the creation of all physical products.

Emp. Since — 2020

Portland, USA

Tomasz Marchewka

Senior Frontend Developer

We are on a mission to develop a product that can change the way industries around the world operate.

Emp. Since — 2020

Rzeszów, Poland

Industry Thought Leaders

Chemistry is in our DNA.

+250 Years

Chemical Industry Experience

+200 Years

Marketplace Experience

46 Masters


7 Countries

Geographic Locations

1 Vision

To Change the
Entire Industry

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