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Why Knowde

Interact with over 2,000 suppliers, browse their catalogs, access documents, and download starter formulations.

Why Knowde

Interact with over 2,000 suppliers,  browse their catalogs, access documents  and download starter formulations.

Instant access to the most comprehensive product catalog

Browse, search and filter the world’s largest catalog of chemicals, ingredients and polymers.

Talk directly to suppliers’ experts

Ask technical product questions, talk to a sales rep and inquire about pricing.

Order samples, request documents, and get quotes

KnowdeConcierge™ will handle all the details and ensure your requests are handled faster than ever.

Why Chemistry

Driving the world’s most impactful industry forward.

At Knowde, we believe in the power of chemistry. We believe that easy and efficient access to information and raw materials enables you to work smarter and faster so you can continue to make a rich global impact.

Your innovations have decreased the carbon footprint of the automotive industry, imagined a sustainable agricultural future, developed alternative, biodegradable packaging materials, and changed the landscape of connectivity forever — to name a few. This is only the beginning.

We can’t wait to see what you create with Knowde.

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Insights & Innovations

Get new products to market, fast.

Insights & Innovations

Get new products to market, fast.

Latest Producers

Explore over 100k products in

over 800 storefronts.

Explore over 100k products in over 800 storefronts.

Latest Producers on Knowde

Explore over 100k products

in over 800 storefronts.

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Search and find chemicals like never before

Search the world’s largest collection of chemicals, ingredients and formulations.

Filter by chemistry, application, function, properties and more to find the right product, quickly.

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Visit over 700 storefronts

Visit a producer’s store to learn more about their products, find the TDS/SDS and compare similar products.

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Request samples, quotes and technical literature

While in a producer’s store, message their technical or sales experts, request samples, request technical information or request a quote.

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Every human-made product on earth traces its roots to chemistry

From food to pharma, from Q-tips to qubits: chemistry makes every innovation possible. By efficiently connecting Producers and Customers, Knowde helps the industry accelerate the world's innovation.

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