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Interact with over 8,000 suppliers, browse their catalogs, access documents and download starter formulations.

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Browse, search and filter the world's largest catalog of chemicals, ingredients and polymers.

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Driving the world's most impactful industry forward.

At Knowde, we believe in the power of chemistry. We believe that easy and efficient access to information and raw materials enables you to work smarter and faster so you can continue to make a rich global impact.

Your innovations have decreased the carbon footprint of the automotive industry, imagined a sustainable agricultural future, developed alternative, biodegradable packaging materials, and changed the landscape of connectivity forever – to name a few. This is only the beginning.

We can't wait to see what you create with Knowde.

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Discover over 200k products in more than 8,000 storefronts.

  • AGC Chemicals Americas is a leading provider of glass, electronic displays and chemical products, available now on Knowde.
  • Novel, clean label solutions for dietary supplements, functional food products, and beverages from Anderson Advanced Ingredients are on Knowde.
  • Callisons works proactively with customers to create a personalized flavor experience that meets their goals. Now on Knowde.
  • Find CHT Group solutions that drive  innovation and ensure success and sustainability for customers on Knowde.
  • Find vegetable oils, shortenings, corn syrups, flakes, custom blended oils, and soy wax products from Gateway Food Products now on Knowde.
  • Search Knowde to find out more about how Grant Industries develops and manufactures high-quality textile, cosmetic, and performance specialty chemicals.
  • Guangzhou Flying Dragon Chemical Ltd logo
  • Search Knowde for HTBA for products that  provide trusted, scientifically backed solutions for companies in a wide range of industries.
  • Knowde offers industry-leading bromine, bromine compounds, and phosphorus-based compounds from ICL Phosphate Specialties.
  • Lubrizol Life Science products empower clinicians and enable people to live long, healthy, productive lives. Now on Knowde.
  • Search Knowde for MITO Material Solutions products that improve the strength, durability, and flexibility of fiber-reinforced composites and thermoplastics.
  • Find high-performance customized and standard compound solutions from MOCOM Compounds on Knowde.
  • Scott Bader adhesives, composites, and functional polymers make a positive difference. Find them on Knowde.
  • With Sensapure, flavor technology plus applications experience equals serious flavor chemistry. Now on Knowde.
  • Solabia Group offers expertise in biocatalysis, enzymatic synthesis, fermentation and plant extraction, now available on Knowde.