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Delavie Sciences Bacillus Lysate

INCI Name: Bacillus Lysate

Function: Antioxidant, UV Absorber

Ingredient Origin: Biotechnology

Labeling Claims: Natural

Certifications & Compliance: Certified Space Technology

Benefit Claims: Skin Barrier, Anti-Aging, Long Lasting Protection, Inhibition of Free Radical Formation, Antioxidant Properties, Long Lasting, UV Protection, SPF Enhancement, UV Absorption, Soothing, Restoring

Bacillus Lysate has significant UV-shielding properties in greater ranges than current UV filters. Bacillus Lysate’s broad- spectrum technology demonstrates absorbing/blocking properties in the HEV and near IR wavelengths. As the first biological product certified by the Space Foundation, Bacillus Lysate is a safer, natural alternative to the harmful chemicals used in most sunscreens.