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1 brands found on Givaudan

1 brands found on Givaudan

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Applications: Other Nutrition Applications, Other Food Applications, Clinical Nutrition

Product Families: Taste Modulation, Flavor Ingredients

Flavor Family: Baked Goods Inspired Flavors, Vanilla Flavors, Spice & Seasoning Inspired Flavors

Flavor Type: Buffalo Sauce, Worcester Sauce, Tuna

End Uses: Chewing Gum, Extruded Snacks, Popcorn

Introducing PRIMETIME FLAVORS, a newly expanded collection of flavors and taste tools from Givaudan® that are sure to delight your consumers and up your brand’s game! Because this selection is powered by Flavour Vision®, Givaudan’s world renowned proprietary consumer trends platform, you know that these flavors and taste tools are on-trend. Because they are backed by Givaudan Sensory Science and have been proven in application, you can be sure that these flavors in your products will delight your consumers. Because they’re from Givuadan, the world’s premier flavor and ingredients company, you know that they meet the highest standards of quality, and regulatory compliance and they meet Givaudan’s impeccable standards for responsible, sustainable sourcing. We know that speed-to-market is crucial - that the clock is ticking. That’s why GivaudanCollections™ PRIMETIME FLAVORS are game ready, produced in batches that are optimally sized to ensure consistency and cost effectiveness (even for small order quantities) without compromising lead times or product quality. They’re ready for action because any PRIMETIME FLAVORS sample can be on your applications bench in 72 hours or less! To score your next big win in the marketplace, bring in a proven game-changer!