Driving Traffic to Your Storefront

Leverage marketing channels to engage your existing customers and drive high-quality traffice into your storefront!

Supplier Feature - Storefront Announcement

Storefront Announcement

You’ve launched your storefront and are now visible to thousands of customers on Knowde. Now what?

Let your most important customers know you’re here! Use your existing social media channels and contact lists to announce your brand new storefront with simple, effective messaging and visuals.

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Website Integration

Utilize the traffic from your website to drive even more potential customers into your storefront. By adding a link, your existing customers and those at the top of the funnel can easily discover your product catalogs, experts, documents and more on your storefront.

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Upgrade to Premium

Looking to generate more traffic and customers? Unlock all the features and services that convert more leads into customers with Knowde Premium.

Knowde Premium give you access to:

  • Lead Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Digital Selling
  • Premium Analytics
  • KnowdeDigital™
  • Customer Success
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Generate 5X More Leads

Extend your marketing efforts with KnowdeDigital — Knowde Premium’s white glove service to help you launch branded campaigns across all digital channels.

With decades of experience marketing to the chemical industry, we’ll partner with you to deliver a unique marketing strategy that targets your unique customer base, deliver agency-level creative assets, provide hand-on training and more to generate more leads, faster.

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