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    "We have conducted research, technology and product development for 15 years. In those years, our products have moved from animal feed to exclusive supplements. Today we can preserve the quality of lipids, proteins and calcium from fresh salmon off-cuts like no other. Our mission is to explore the medical and pharmaceutical potential in compounds from our products, derived from an innovative hydrolysis technology. In the years to come we are confident – and research from some of the world leading university and hospitals clearly indicates – that our technology could become the basis of tomorrow's medicine Research is ongoing in multiple clinics and university research labs in several countries. Lead clinical and pre-clinical candidates are development towards treatment for asthma/Covid19-patients and Gastro-Intestinal (GI) Protective Medical Food. The research also indicates therapeutic effects on the conditions age-related sarcopenia, anemia and NEC-IBD. In addition to the potential in becoming the medicine of tomorrow, HBC has an established industry that develops high-value ingredients and finished products for the nutrition market. Our products are present in 40 different countries throughout the world. The company is founded on the core values of sustainability, traceability and optimal utilization of natural resources. Hofseth BioCare's headquarters are in Ålesund, Norway with branches in Oslo, Chicago, Mumbai, Tokyo and Menlo Park, California. The technology and research is proprietary to our company."
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    At Willow, the true miracle of what we're able to accomplish is the platform that underpins everything we do. It's the outcome of years of work, and even more years of combined experience from some of the best in the biotech industry. 

    The platform uses biosynthesis to replicate the vast capabilities of nature by isolating any beneficial molecule and producing a pure, consistent, and sustainably made ingredient.

    And like any good platform, its true strength comes in its flexibility—the potential to solve any problem. 

    Knowledge is our power. Science is our tool. 

    Willow is more than a team of future-forward thinkers. We’re a team of scientists, pioneering a new category in synthetic biology, using next-level innovation to challenge convention and birth new ideas. We take what currently exists in nature and transform it into something that can change the landscape of tomorrow. 

    At its core, our technology is built on the age-old process of fermentation. The genetic information needed to produce the target molecule is placed in our optimized yeast strain, transforming the yeast host into a molecule-making factory. The yeast host is then replicated many times over in a process that uses significantly less energy and resources compared to plant production.

    FutureGrown™ CBG

    Willow’s ultra-pure, nature identical Cannabigerol provides clinically proven benefits in powder form that is without scent, trace THC, or contaminants found in traditionally harvested cannabinoids.

    Anti-aging | Boosts collagen, elastin, and fibronectin to maintain the skin’s youthful appearance

    Anti-irritant | Soothes skin irritation and redness caused by bacteria, UV, and environmental factors to calm and hydrate skin

    Antioxidant | Helps to fight free radical damage in cells to promote healthy-looking skin

    Antimicrobial | Helps to eliminate bacteria such as C. acnes and S. aureus to help prevent associated skin inflammation

    Safe for cosmetics | Clinically shown to be safe for skin and sensitive skin

    For people and for the planet 

    As we look to the future, we consider more now than ever the impact we have on our planet and the need for clean, sustainably made products that deliver on next-generation expectations. 

    We’ve revolutionized a process of biosynthesis and fermentation that not only improves peoples’ health, but also keeps our current ecosystem healthy too. A process that can replicate complex molecules found in nature in a safe, sustainable, and scalable manner.


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