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Aquacide Company Clear-Pond Pellets (Water Clarifier)

Aquacide Company Clear-Pond Pellets (Water Clarifier) is a buffered alum is a pelletized water clarifier and phosphorous deactivator for use in small bodies of water including ornamental, farm, fish, industrial and golf course ponds.

Functions: Herbicide

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Enhanced TDS

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Features & Benefits

  • Quickly and effectively clears water of suspended solids and lowers pond productivity.
  • Improves water clarity in as little as 24 hours

Applications & Uses


Clear your pond water.

In most ponds phosphorous is the weed nutrient in shortest supply.  When phosphorous levels increase, productivity also increases.  Lowering phosphorous levels lowers pond productivity, including algae blooms and excessive weed growth.

Phosphorus enters water from external sources and by internal recycling from bottom sediment. External sources of phosphorous include rainwater, runoff, septic tank discharge, waterfowl droppings and atmospheric deposition. Internal recycling occurs when phosphorus is released from bottom sediment under low oxygen conditions.

Clear-Pond Pellets will strip phosphorus from water and bind it in a form which is unavailable to weeds.  This binding of phosphorous is strong enough to prevent internal recycling over a broad range of pH and is independent of oxygen levels.  Binding of phosphorous will significantly reduce the productivity of your pond.

Reduces excess Phosphorous 

To apply Clear-Pond Pellets, determine the volume of your pond in acre-ft.  
Use 50 lbs. of Clear-Pond Pellets per acre-ft. of pond water.
Apply the pellets uniformly over the entire body of water. Clear-Pond Pellets quickly begin to bubble and form a milky white floc. This floc rises through the water and gathers suspended particles and phosphorous. As particles grow floc settles to the bottom.
Continue until the entire amount has been applied.
When water clarity is less than 24" due to algae bloom, better results will be achieved by treating with an algaecide first. Apply Clear-Pond when algae bloom subsides.

Partial pond treatment will be significantly less effective than full pond treatment. The entire pond should be treated.

Water treated with Clear-Pond Pellets has no use restrictions.

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