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Amino Selenit

Amino Selenit

AminoSelenit – an innovativ e gr owth stimulant fr om the Arkop FoliarLab series of specialized pr oducts in tended for application in field, or chard and vegetable cultivation.Owing to the pr oprietary technology based on the use of amino acids, selenium and other ac tiv e components , AminoSelenit Bio pr ovides ef-fec tiv e stimulation of the plant, ac ting concurren tly at the fol lo wing three le vels: Str es s Pr otec tion Tech, Molecular Ac tion and Gr owth Sti-mulation.
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Identification & Functionality


Features & Benefits


Applications & Uses

Effects of Application
  1. Stress Protection:
  • increased tolerance to biotic stress (pests, bacteria and fungi)


  • increased tolerance to abiotic stress (frost, drought, UV radiation)


        2.Molecular Action:

  • regulating enzyme activities and protein syntheses
  • increasing sugar content in plants
  • stimulating immunity
  • better use of nutrients; improved assimilation and transport of minerals
  • antioxidative action
  • protection against the penetration of toxic metals such as Pb and Cd


3.Growth Stimulation:

  • enhancing the effectiveness of the pollination process
  • accelerating growth and development of the plant
  • accelerating fruit ripening
  • enhancing a high shoot and root elongation rate
  • enlarging root architecture
  • increasing leaf area and yield quality
  • improving biomass accumulation

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