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Sensitive skin-friendly alpha hydroxy acids to renew the skin.
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Knowde Brand Highlights

Benefits at a Glance
  • Effective skin exfoliation, leading to a more youthful and renewed skin appearance
  • Skin moisturization and humectancy benefits
  • Less irritating than conventional AHA solutions, enabling sensitive skin applications
  • Can be more suitable for darker skin types who may have hyperpigmentation concerns with conventional AHAs
  • Applicable across several leave-on and rinse-off applications
The Science

AHAs exfoliate skin by decreasing corneocyte cohesion within the stratum corneum, driving forward the desquamation process of the skin. This helps make way for newer, healthier looking skin to manifest itself. Additional mechanisms of action leading to moisturization and skin protection have also been hypothesized.

Consumer Insights
  • Youthful Pro-Aging - The search for youth continues even as consumers recognize that skin aging is unavoidable. Aging gracefully through solutions proven to be able to return skin to a more youthful appearance are therefore of continued interest. AHA benefits, such as increased skin turnover, complement this narrative.
  • Nature-mimetic - Consumers continue to seek solutions based on nature, although greater acceptance is emerging of the environmental damage that some natural sourcing practices may pose. Although originally based in nature, most AHAs used in cosmetics today are synthetically derived. This provides a perfect balance between limited environmental impact and nature-inspired solutions.
  • Sensitive Skin - Consumers are looking for solutions that enhance the healthy appearance of their skin, without the harsh drawbacks and 'chemical feel' of some solutions. AHAs pedigree of efficacy, coupled with the low irritation potential offered by the next generation polyhydroxy acids, make these products well-suited to meet consumer goals are expecttions.
Recommended Applications

Applicable across several leave-on and rinse-off applications, including facial care and eye care.