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Gelest Inc. (a Mitsubishi Chemical Group company) manufactures and provides silane, silicone, surface treated pigments and metal-organic compounds serving advanced technology markets through a customer driven approach. With deep technical expertise and extensive analytical capabilities across organic, polymer, inorganic, and materials chemistries, the Gelest team possesses unique dexterity and the ability to develop and scale a wider range of products. Our technical teams work closely with the customer to understand and develop a solution that meets their specific chemistry and application needs. From inception to commercialization, Gelest is a partner you can trust.  

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Document Name
Gelest Sericite ML (SAA-MLA) Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Products: Gelest SAA-MLA
Gelest OCTAMETHYLCYCLOTETRASILOXANE, 98% (SIO6700.0) (US) Safety Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
Products: Gelest SIO6700.0
Sebum Resistant (SR)- Treated Pigments Brochure
Products: Gelest BIA-SRA, Gelest RIA-SRA, Gelest SAA-SRA, Gelest TA7-SRA, Gelest WIA-SRA, Gelest LIA-SRA, Gelest YIA-SRA, Gelest GIA-SRA, Gelest PIA-SRA, Gelest VIB-SRA
Biosafe®HM 4001 RTU ANTIMICROBIAL (HM4001) (US) Safety Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
Products: Biosafe® HM4001
Seribrite™ SS (SAB-SSA) Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Products: Seribrite™ SAB-SSA
SiQube Polysilsesquioxane Steardimonium Chloride (Q1850) Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Products: SiQube® Q1850
Gelest Formulary for Personal Care & Color Cosmetics Brochure
Products: Gelest Inc. BIB-HSA, Gelest BIA-MLA, Gelest BIA-SFA, Gelest BIA-SRA, Gelest BIA-SSA, Gelest BIA-TCA, Gelest GIA-MLA, Gelest GIA-SSA, Gelest GIA-HSA, Gelest RIA-HSA, Gelest SAA-HSA, Gelest TA7-HSA, Gelest WIA-HSA, Gelest LIA-HSA, Gelest RIA-MLA, Gelest RIA-SFA, Gelest RIA-SRA, Gelest RIA-SSA, Gelest RIA-TCA, Gelest SAA-MLA, Gelest SAA-SRA, Gelest SAA-SSA, Gelest SAA-TCA, Gelest TA7-MLA, Gelest TA7-SFA, Gelest TA7-SRA, Gelest TA7-SSA, Gelest TA7-TCA, Gelest WIA-MLA, Gelest WIA-SRA, Gelest WIA-SSA, Gelest LIA-SRA, Gelest LIA-SSA, Gelest YIA-MLA, Gelest YIA-SRA, Gelest YIA-SSA, SiBrid® DE-12, SiBrid® DE-15, SiBrid® DE-23, Gelest GIA-SRA, Seribrite™ SAB-SSA, Gelest YIA-HSA, Gelest YIA-TCA, SiBrid® TM-081, SiQube® Q1850, SiQube® Q1851, Vertasil® TM-L01, SiBrid® TM-121, SiBrid® TM-181, Gelest LIA-MLA, Gelest SAA-SFA, SiBrid® PM-212, SiBrid® TM-031, Vertasil® TM-VE1, Gelest GIA-TCA, Gelest LIA-TCA, Gelest PIA-SRA, Gelest PIA-SSA, Gelest PIA-TCA, Gelest VIB-SRA, Gelest VIB-SSA, Gelest VIB-TCA, Gelest LIA-SFA
Gelest Sericite SS (SAA-SSA) Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Products: Gelest SAA-SSA
SiBrid® CAPRYLYL METHICONE (TM-081) Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Products: SiBrid® TM-081
Gelest Hydrophobicity, Hydrophilicity and Silane Surface Modification Brochure
Products: Gelest SIB1140.0, Gelest SIB1142.0, Gelest SIB1500.0, Gelest SIB1660.0, Gelest SIB1824.4, Gelest SIB1824.82, Gelest SIB1835.5, Gelest SIC2263.0, Gelest SIC2445.0, Gelest SIC2456.0, Gelest SID3392.0, Gelest SID3538.0, Gelest SID4630.0, Gelest SIG5840.0, Gelest SIH5841.0, Gelest SII6453.7, SILICLAD® SIS6952.0, Gelest SIA0006.0, Gelest SIM6491.5, Gelest SIM6492.7, Gelest SIM6519.0, Gelest SIO6615.0, Gelest SIO6640.0, Gelest SIO6640.1, Gelest SIO6645.0, Gelest SIT8162.0, Gelest SIT8174.0, Gelest SIT8187.5, Gelest SIT8189.0, Gelest SIT8189.5, Gelest SIT8192.0, Gelest SIT8371.0, Gelest SIT8378.3, Gelest SIT8378.5, Gelest SIT8395.0, Gelest SIT8398.0, Gelest SIT8402.0, Gelest SIT8412.0, Gelest SIT8415.0, Gelest SIT8717.0, Gelest SSP-060, Gelest SSP-065, Gelest WSA-7011
Safety Data Sheet
Products: Gelest SIT8187.5
Safety Data Sheet
Products: Gelest PGBLK02

Most Viewed Formulations

Formulation Name
End Uses
Night Moisturizer with Vertasil® TM-VE1 #GCA-98-1
End Uses: Night Creams, Shampoos & Rinses
Moisturizer (W/O) with SPF and SiBrid® DE-12 #GCA1-57-1
End Uses: Moisturizers
Body Wash with SiBrid® DE-12 & SiQube® Q1850 #LF1-019
End Uses: Body Wash
Long Wearing Eye Shadow with SR Treated Pigments & SiBrid® DE-23 #GCA1-75-1
End Uses: Eye Shadow
Satin Feel Foundation with SiBrid® DE-12 & SS Treated Pigments #GCA2-22-1
End Uses: Foundation, Hair Conditioner
Velvety Concealer with Hydrosperse (HS) Pigments #GCA2-35-1
End Uses: Concealer
Dry Skin Cream (W/O) with SiBrid® DE-23 #GJH2-64-1
End Uses: Body Cream
After Shower & Bath Oil with Vertasil® TM-L01 #LF4-091
End Uses: Bath Oil
Cleanser with Vertasil® VAN-07 #GCA2-99-1
End Uses: Skin Cleanser, Facial Cleanser