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GMS Composites EP-272

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GMS Composites EP-272 is a formulated epoxy resin film with long out life. The product has a versatile curing cycle from as low as 70°C or as high as 130°C, thus enabling the product to be used to produce a wide range of composite items, from large structures to numerous small components. EP-272 is a resin film available on a lightweight scrim or without a scrim. The EP-272 resin is compatible with EP270 pre-pregs. The resin film has good flow and the tack of EP-272 can be varied.
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Identification & Functionality


Features & Benefits

Materials Features
Product Highlights
  • Variable cure cycle 70°C – 130°C
  • Good surface finish
  • Suitable for a range of structures and processes
  • Excellent shelf life
  • Wide range of fibre substrates available
  • Made in Australia

Applications & Uses


EP-272 is used as a resin film layer, used with EP270 pre-pregs. EP-272 is designed to be used as a film in the construction of sandwich structures. The versatility of EP-272 and EP-270 means large complex structures as well as small basic components can be produced.


Cured Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Flexural Strength at 23°C130 - 140MPaCured neat Formulation Cycle for 2hrs at 120°C
Ultimate Elongation at 23°C7.0 – 9.0%Cured neat Formulation Cycle for 2hrs at 120°C
Flexural Modulus at 23°C3000 - 3200MPaCured neat Formulation Cycle for 2hrs at 120°C
Fracture Toughness K1c0.7 - 0.8MPa√mCured neat Formulation Cycle for 2hrs at 120°C
Fracture Energy G1c150 - 160J/m2Cured neat Formulation Cycle for 2hrs at 120°C
Tg (DSC, 10 K/min)120 - 125°CCured neat Formulation Cycle for 2hrs at 120°C
Interlaminar shear strength (12 layers UD e-glass (425gsm) 3.2mm thick laminate )55 - 65MpaCured neat Formulation Cycle for 2hrs at 120°C

Technical Details & Test Data


The versatility of GMS Composites EP-272 means a range of cure cycles, pressures and ramp up rates can be adopted all of which will depend greatly on the part being produced. Below is a guide to minimum cure cycles.

Temperature (°C) Time Tg (°C) - DSC7
70 16 hrs 85
80 8 hrs 97
90 4 hrs 105
100 2 hrs 115
110 1 hrs 118
120 30 mins 123
130 15 mins 125
  • Heat ramp up rate – 2°C / min
  • Pressure – 1 bar
Gel Time

Hot plate

Temperature (°C) Time (min)
110 12-14
120 6-7
130 3-4

Values are indicative of small samples of neat resin formulation. Gel times may vary significantly in composites depending on fibre content and laminate thickness.

Storage & Handling


Customers should ensure appropriate workplace OH&S guidelines are followed when working with this product. Appropriate measures should be taken to avoid contact with skin and eyes. Avoid inhalation of dust or fumes that may be released or created when machining, cutting or curing.

Shelf Life
  • Room temperature (23°C) > 3 weeks
  • Refrigerated (-18°C) 12 months

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