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DOMALKYD 1351 75 BAc

Domalkyd 1351 75 BAc is a short oil alkyd resin modified with soybean fatty acids developed for low yellowing solvent borne coatings.Features & BenefitsLow yellowing solvent borne coatingsHigh solid resin

Brand: DOMALKYD (55 products)

Chemical Family: Alkyds, Alkyds (Short Oil)

End Uses: 1K (1 component) Coating, Solventborne Coating, Solventless & High Solids Coating

Compatible Substrates & Surfaces: Metal

Features: Low Yellowing

Technical Data Sheet
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Enhanced TDS

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Identification & Functionality

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Typical Properties
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Oil Content39%-

Technical Details & Test Data

  • Insoluble in aliphatic hydrocarbons and lower alcohols.
  • Soluble in aromatic hydrocarbons, esters, ketones and higher alcohols.
  • Compatible with short oil alkyd resins, nitrocellulose, colophonium modified maleic resins, urea and melamine resins and castor oil.

Storage & Handling

The resin should be stored indoors in its original, unopened and undamaged container in a dry place at storage temperatures below 35 °C, for up to 12 months. Exposure to direct sunlight should be avoided.