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TegraSurf is a new patent-pending, bio-based surfactant product line covering a range of applications for advanced formulations in multiple industries. TegraSurf covers an HLB range of 12-19 and has a Renewable Carbon Index (RCI) greater than 69%. TegraSurf line of products has been created with natural sources and is capable of faster production cycles at larger scales at a more competitive price. TegraSurf offers a combination of sustainability, scalability, and performance unrivaled in the surfactant market.

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TegraSurf™’s Tunable HLB Range

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TegraSurf enables formulators to remove a variety of intermediates without compromising product performance. Our novel molecule can uniquely enhance many traditional surfactants.
TegraSurf's HLB Tunable Range
TegraSurf has a highly tunable HILB range of 7 to 19 and can be adjusted to meet performance needs


TegraSurf is a nonionic high-performance surfactant made from renewable raw materials. It offers excellent detergency, high alkali stability, and clean ingredients. It can be widely used in a variety of applications including HI&I, Industrial Cleaners, and O&G. TegraSurf is useful in a wide array of other surfactant applications where superior performance is needed.