Kraft Cream Cheese No Added RBST Hormone (210000752900)

Kraft Cream Cheese No Added RBST Hormone (210000752900) is a cream cheese that boasts a white to light cream color and a gentle lactic acid flavor. With a medium-firm body and a smooth texture. This product is Kosher-certified.

Ingredient Name: Cream Cheese

Labeling Claims: Kosher, rBST-free

Features: High Quality, Smooth Texture

End Uses: Appetizers, Cheesecake, Dips, Frostings, Sauces, Soups, Spreads

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Packaging Type           :Case
Packaging Features
        Easy Opening      : Not Available 
        Package Integrity : Taped Seal
        Reclosability         : Not Available 
Net Weight                   : 30 lb

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Shipping Requirements : Refrigerated
Storage Requirements  : Refrigerated