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1-2mm diameter spheres.Not soluble in water or gels. Easily breaks down with gentle rubbing, leaving color on skin. Made from natural ingredients; completely biodegradable.

Functions: Aesthetic Enhancer, Pigment

Ingredient Origin: Natural Origin

Labeling Claims: Biodegradable, Natural, Naturally Derived

    Knowde Enhanced TDS

    Identification & Functionality

    Ingredient Origin
    Cosmetic Ingredients Functions

    Features & Benefits

    Product Highlights
    • Immediate Visual Effect The use of color-change to convey an immediate effect such as whitening, blemish reduction, etc.
    • Environmentally Safe Breaks down without leaving any residue and is made entirely of eco-friendly materials.
    • Keep Spherical integrity in emulsions

    Applications & Uses


    Physical Form
    Typical Properties
    ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
    Bead Diameter300microns