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Sentinel Canada Sent-6083

Sentinel CanadaSENT-6083 is a petroleum based, low viscosity hydraulic fluid and preservative oil developed to meet the severe duty demands of today’s military and industrial equipment. The latest additive technology is used to provide high oxidation resistance, shear stability, corrosion and rust protection, and anti-wear properties.SENT-6083 is designated as a P-15 corrosion protectant under MIL-STD-2073.1C.

Application Area: Aerospace Applications

Features: Corrosion Resistant, Deposit Prevention, Improved Shear Stability, Low Viscosity, Oxidation Resistant, Wear Resistant, Wide Temperature Operating Range

Technical Data Sheet
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Identification & Functionality

Base Oil Type

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent shear stability
  • Excellent anti-wear protection
  • Reduction of deposit build-up
  • Excellent demulsibility – rapid water separation
  • Excellent low-temperature fluidity
  • Extended service intervals
  • Vast range of operating temperatures from -40 to 275°F

Applications & Uses

Application Area

SENT-6083 is especially recommended for use in aircraft, missile, and ordnance systems using synthetic sealing material as well as heavy-duty equipment, and industrial robotic hydraulic systems.

Special Instruction: Do not use product with natural rubber elastomers


Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Viscosity (40°C)14.2cSt-
Viscosity (- 40°C)650.0cSt-
Viscosity (- 54°C)3010.0cSt-
Flash Point100.0°C-
Pour Pointmax. - 60°C-
Trace Sediment0.002ml/100 cc-
Total Acid Number0.12mg KOH-
Water Content0.03%-
4 - Ball Wear, Scar (Diameter, 40 kg/1200 RPM/1 hr/75°C)0.7mm-
Synthetic Rubber Swell (70°C/168 hrs)28.0%-
Copper Strip Corrosion (135°C for 72 hrs)2e (shiny - slight tan)--
Solid Particle Contamination Particles (5 - 25 μm)1240.0/100mL-
Solid Particle Contamination Particles (26 - 50 μm)110.0/100mL-
Solid Particle Contamination Particles (51 - 100 μm)6.0/100mL-
Solid Particle Contamination Particles (100+ μm)8.0/100mL-
Specific Gravity (15.6°C)0.885--

Regulatory & Compliance

Quality Standards