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Curcumin 95

Curcumin 95 is a natural, food-sourced ingredient that helps balance the body's inflammatory response. It has the ability to provide antioxidant capabilities that can support brain health and joint health. Moreover, Curcumin 95 undergoes carbon-14 testing to ensure that you get efficacious, unadulterated, and high-quality curcumin in your formula.

Brand: Curcumin 95 (1 products)

Ingredient Name: Turmeric Extract

Animal Species: Cats, Dogs, Pets, Rabbit

Active Component: Curcuminoids

Labeling Claims: Allergen-free, Carbon-14 Tested, GMO-free, Halal, Kosher, Natural, Non-GMO, Vegetarian

Enhanced TDS

Enhanced TDS

Knowde-enriched technical product data sheet

Identification & Functionality

Features & Benefits

Benefit Claims (Health)
Labeling Claims
Animal Feed & Nutrition Features
Food Ingredients Features
Product Features
  • Healthy Aging
  • Joint Support
  • Sports Recovery
  • Cognitive Health
  • Antioxidant
Product Overview

A genuine, non-synthetic curcumin verified by carbon-14 testing.

Curcumin is known for promoting a healthy inflammatory response, improving joint health, and supporting brain health. But, you need to actually have curcumin in your product to get the health benefits of curcumin. Don’t be fooled by synthetics. Curcumin 95 is carbon-14 tested to ensure you get efficacious, unadulterated curcumin in your formula.

Applications & Uses


Physical Form
Free flowing powder
Characteristic odor
Characteristic taste
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Assay (Total Curcuminoids by HPLC)95 - 97%-
Particle Size (Passing through 80 mesh)min. 90%-
Bulk Density 0.3 - 0.6 g/ml-
Loss on Drying max. 5%-

Regulatory & Compliance

Technical Details & Test Data

Carbon-14 Testing

“Natural” products adulterated with synthetic analogs have become fixtures in the dietary supplement industry, unfortunately. That is why Stratum utilizes carbon-14 testing to ensure we supply you with only natural curcumin. Bio-based carbon testing measures the amount of carbon-14 in each sample and compares the result to international standards. The higher the % bio-based carbon, the more naturally sourced the ingredient. With carbon-14 verified Curcumin 95, keep your “natural” claim and lose the anxiety.