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Ingredient Name: Turmeric
Functions: Antioxidant
Ingredient Origin: Natural Origin, Plant Origin
Labeling Claims: Plant-Based, Halal, Kosher, Vegetarian, GMO-free, Naturally Derived
Certifications & Compliance: Halal, Kosher
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Identification & Functionality

curQ+® Features & Benefits

Efficient Delivery for Increased Absorption.
  • The health benefits of turmeric are well known, but the absorption of the active component, curcumin, is very poor. curQplus greatly increases the absorption of curcumin with a unique, coconut oil-based dispersion technology. With curQplus, a little curcumin goes a long way.
  • curQplus features a highly concentrated 95% curcumin source. The proprietary curQplus formulation allows all the benefits of curcumin to be absorbed optimally by the body.
Product Highlights
  • Increased Absorption

A unique formula that allows for efficient delivery of curcumin.

  • Joint Health

Curcumin helps support joint health.

  • Brain Health

Curcumin research shows it has cognitive supporting properties.

  • GMO-Free

Made with curcumin extracted from non-GMO turmeric.

Applications & Uses

Regulatory & Compliance

Certifications & Compliance

Technical Details & Test Data

Test Data
  • In a single center, randomized, open-label trial, curQplus supplementation resulted in a peak concentration that was almost 40x higher than that of the 95% curcumin - even though there were only 400 mg of curcuminoids in the curQplus dose and 1,200 mg of curcuminoids in the 95% curcumin dose.
  • CurQplus supplementation also resulted in an AUC about 35X higher than 95% curcumin, indicating that more of the curcuminoids from curQplus reached the bloodstream and remained there longer than those from 95% curcumin, providing a much better chance of a clini- cally significant effect.
  • Therefore, to achieve similar clinical results to most of the clinical studies utilizing 95% curcumin, a much lower dose of curQplus could be used, ranging from 350 mg to around 700 mg.
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