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NatAxtin™ ME 2.5%

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Ingredient Name: Astaxanthin Oleoresin
Function: Supplement, Antioxidant
Active Component: Astaxanthin
Ingredient Origin: Natural Origin
Labeling Claims: Environmentally Friendly, Halal, Natural, Allergen-free, Naturally Derived, Vegan, Non-GMO, Vegetarian, Sustainable, Kosher
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NatAxtin™ Information Sheet
NatAxtin™ Information Sheet
NatAxtin™ Information Sheet
NatAxtin™ Information Sheet

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Identification & Functionality

NatAxtin™ ME 2.5% Features & Benefits

NatAxtin™ ME 2.5% Overview

Natural astaxanthin has up to 90X the antioxidant activity compared to synthetic astaxanthin.

  • Cellular Health & Energy
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Athletic Performance
  • Beauty
  • Eye Health


Key Features

Naturally Rid those Radicals*

A price-competitive, natural, premium astaxanthin from Chile’s Atacama Desert.

NatAxtinTM is produced from Haematococcus pluvialis grown in a pristine desert environment. Striving for sustainable and natural harvesting, a proprietary process harvests atmospheric CO2 to support H. pluvialis metabolism.

In conjunction with the highest solar irradiance on the planet, the algae are able to produce pure, high quality astaxanthin, which is extracted via energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly supercritical CO2 extraction.

Average Astaxanthin Content

Source Amount of Natural Astaxanthin Esters
NatAxtin™ 8500mg / 100g
Synthetic Astaxanthin 0mg / 100g
Lobster 0.3mg / 100g
Salmon 3mg / 100g
Krill 4mg / 100g


Applications & Uses


Physical Form
Red powder
Miscible in
Non-polar solvents
Microbiological Values
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Aerobic Total Countmax. 10cfu/g-
Escherichia coliNegative/g-
Salmonellamax. 104cfu/g-
Staphylococcus aureusmax. 102cfu/g-
Total ColiformsNegative/25g-
Yeast and Mold CountNegative/g-
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Ash Contentmax. 5.0 %Gravimetry, Internal Method
Astaxanthinmin. 2.5%HPLC / Spectrophotometry UV-Vis
Astaxanthin Estersmin. 2.38 %-
Free Astaxanthinmax. 0.12 %-
Moisture Contentmax. 4.0 %Gravimetry, Internal Method
Heavy Metals
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Arsenic (Inorganic) Contentmax. 1.0mg/KgHG-AAS
Arsenic (Total) Contentmax. 2.0mg/KgICP-MS
Cadmium Contentmax. 1.0mg/KgICP-MS
Lead Contentmax. 1.0mg/KgICP-MS
Mercury Contentmax. 0.1mg/KgICP-MS
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions

Regulatory & Compliance

Certifications & Compliance

Technical Details & Test Data

Mode of Action

NatAxtin™ ME 2.5% - Mode of Action

Packaging & Availability

Packaging Type

2.5 Kg vacuum-sealed trilaminated bag (food grade).

Storage & Handling

Shelf Life and Storage Conditions

This product is stable for at least 24 months if stored in its original vacuum sealed bag at temperatures below 5°C, protected from light. Shipments can be handled at room temperature.

NatAxtin™ ME 2.5%
Stratum Nutrition