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VITASPERSE® MCT is the proprietary aqueous dispersion technology that allows the customer to formulate water-insoluble nutrients into water-based products. This technology encapsulates and protects the key nutrient, thereby increasing its shelf life while also enhancing its bioavailability. The active nutrient in VITASPERSE® MCT is 30% medium-chain triglycerides.

Brand: VITASPERSE (26 products)

Ingredient Name: MCT Oil

Functions: Fatty Acid & Lipid, Supplement

Labeling Claims: Kosher, Preservative-free

Features: Efficient Mineral Absorption, Enhanced Shelf Life, Excellent Release Properties, Promotes Nutrient Absorption

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Enhanced TDS

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Main Benefits

VitaSperse® is a unique microemulsion technology that gets water-insoluble ingredients dispersed into water-based liquid applications. VitaSperse stays dispersed within the liquid application of your choice, helps extend shelf life of sensitive ingredients, and may help improve bioavailability of select ingredients.

  • Dispersion Easily gets oil-based ingredients into water-based formulas
  • Absorption May help improve the absorption of nutritional ingredients
  • Stability Can help extend shelf life of active ingredients
  • Controlled Release of active ingredients (topical applications)
Building a VitaSperse® Ingredient

All VitaSperse ingredients start with reverse osmosis water. Only food grade ingredients are used to create VitaSperse formulations. Lecithins and non-ionic surfactants are the main building blocks of the VitaSperse microemulsion. Then, a preservative system is added, depending upon use and preference. VitaSperse encapsulates nutritional actives, providing a unique layer of protection. Then, the VitaSperse formulation undergoes a proprietary process that results in a uniform dispersion of actives encapsulated by lipids. This dispersion allows oil-soluble ingredients to stay suspended in water indefinitely.

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