Vynova is a leading European manufacturer of chlor-alkali products and PVC resins. With a network of production sites in five countries and over 1,250 employees, we generate yearly sales of 1 billion euros.

Founded in 2015 as the chlor-vinyls platform of the International Chemical Investors Group (ICIG), we have established ourselves as a major supplier with an extensive chemicals portfolio and multiple logistics solutions to serve our customers. Our specific offerings include multiple grades of suspension PVC (S-PVC), KOH and other Potassium Derivatives, Caustic Soda (NaOH) and Sodium Hypochlorite (NaOCl).

It’s a Kind of Caustic

From aluminium to paper, clean water and sugar cubes: caustic soda from Vynova is enabling these and many more applications that improve our everyday life. Find out how caustic soda performs its daily bit of magic across various industries.

Indispensable PVC

At Vynova we believe that the unique versatility of PVC helps innovate and create unlimited sustainable solutions to everyday challenges.

The Potassium Derivatives Expert

As Europe’s leading producer of potassium derivatives, we pride ourselves on the expertise we have built up over decades.

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