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    "Founded in 1974, ARJAY began as a fiberglass parts supplier, catering mainly to major boat builders. Its success in this competitive area was based on developing and applying innovative materials and processes to reduce cost, raise quality and ultimately increase output. Here are a few examples of ARJAY’s innovation over the years: ARJAY was one of the first builders in the country to utilize knitted fabrics, which were new at the time, in larger, pallet quantities. ARJAY developed a line of resin application equipment which was marketed nationally through Binks. ARJAY innovation has been featured in Professional Boatbuilder Magazine. Once for gel coat application and a second time for our proactive environmental practices that actually saved money. For several years , ARJAY’s founder, Bob Cottrell, wrote a monthly column for the CFA’s magazine, “Composites Fabrication” entitled “Back to Basics”. In 1979 ARJAY developed a process for spraying filled polyester resin to replace plywood cores. For the next 15 years, ARJAY built thousands of parts using this in-house produced material. In 1994 ARJAY ceased parts production to turn full attention to developing and marketing a line of filled polyesters known as ARJAY Performance Products. By combining our experience as an efficiency-oriented fiberglass parts builder and our formulation expertise, these new products were inherently easy to use and continue to provide consistent results for our marine and industrial clients to this day."


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