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    "RESIN SYSTEMS CORPORATION was founded in 1954 by Norman Jones. In its early stages, the company was primarily focused on epoxy casting and encapsulations for the electric motor industry. Stephen Campbell purchased Resin Systems in 1971. He expanded the company’s production capabilities to include the casting of thermosets, specifically epoxies and urethanes. The company broadened its customer base and branched into diversified markets which included electronics, computers, and the microwave industry. In 1991, Resin Systems was purchased by its present owner, Daniel Prawdzik. Under Dan’s leadership, the business has grown dramatically over the last 25 years. In 1996, construction was started on a new 57,000 sq. ft., state-of-the-art facility immediately adjacent to the original building. The building was completed and fully occupied by July 1997. A substantial investment in new capital equipment has been made in both casting and processing equipment. In addition, many new pieces of CNC equipment have been added to our machine shop which will enhance our ability to perform all secondary operations. Resin Systems has become an industry leader in the production of custom Liquid Resin Castings. Focusing on production runs of typically 25 to 5000 pieces, Resin Systems routinely achieves major cost reductions over machining or injection molding of plastic parts. Tooling for many liquid resin cast parts can be produced in as little as one week, and usually at one-tenth the cost of injection mold tooling. The parts that you will receive will have exceptional aesthetic and performance qualities. Newer, faster product development methods, low tooling costs and total quality finished products distinguish Resin Systems. Whether new product development, or low volume production, our technology can give you a significant competitive advantage."


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