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SULF-N® Ammonium Sulfate

Sulf-N® Ammonium Sulfate (21-0-0-24S) is a research-tested and field-proven source of readily-available sulfate sulfur and loss-resistant ammonium nitrogen. As one of the world’s largest producers of ammonium sulfate, AdvanSix offer granular, mid and soluble sizes for use in bulk blending or direct application to deliver the essential nutrients your crops need.

Brand: SULF-N® (2 products)

Functions: Fertilizer

Chemical Family: Ammonium Compounds

Synonyms: (NH4)2SO4, Ammonium Sulphate, Diammonium Sulfate

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Enhanced TDS

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Ammonium Sulfate Agronomic Advantages


In field after field, the yield advantage goes to fertilizer programs that include AdvanSix Sulf-N® ammonium sulfate fertilizers. AdvanSix Sulf-N® ammonium sulfate is a cost-efficient fertilizer because it provides two important agronomic nutrients at once: ammonium nitrogen and sulfate sulfur. Sulf-N® fertilizers satisfy the growing need for sulfur (S) and supply ammonium, a more efficient nitrogen (N) form that is immediately available for root uptake and resists loss from leaching, volatilization and denitrification.

  • A Better Nitrogen Form : Nitrogen enhances yield more than any other fertilizer nutrient, Ammonium-rich Sulf-N® nitrogen is immediately available for root uptake while resisting the three major pathways of nitrogen loss.
  • Less leachable : Positively charged ammonium ions bind to negatively charged soil ions, making Sulf-N® fertilizers less susceptible to leaching.
  • Resists volatilization : Urea-based fertilizers should be incorporated to minimize volatilization loss, but is not necessary with Sulf-N® fertilizers on the majority of soil Types. Ammonia losses are minimal on most soils, which makes ammonium sulfate an excellent nitrogen source for surface applications, even without incorporation.
  • Not affected by denitrification : The denitrification process that can cause nitrate loss in poorly drained soils does not affect the availability of ammonium. The ammonium form of nitrogen is not subject to gas losses under waterlogged conditions, hence less susceptible to overall nitrogen loss from denitrification.
  • Higher Nutrient Efficiency : The roles of nitrogen and sulfur within the plant are closely linked, so by correcting a sulfur deficiency, nitrogen efficiency may increase. Phosphate and micronutrient availability may also be improved with AdvanSix Sulf-N® ammonium sulfate.
  • Sulfur Advantage : Sulfur deficiencies have become more common, mainly due to the use of sulfur-free fertilizers, higher crop yields and reduced sulfur emissions. Like nitrogen, microorganisms will immobilize sulfur to balance their carbon-to-sulfur ratio. This can also contribute to a sulfur deficiency, especially under conservation tillage practices where crop residues accumulate on the soil surface.
    SULF-N® Ammonium Sulfate contains the sulfate form of sulfur, so it is immediately available for uptake by the plant upon dissolution in the soil.
  • Higher Profitability : The use of Sulf-N® ammonium sulfate can impact both yield and quality of crops, such as protein content, digestibility, palatability and overall crop health.
Reasons to Use AdvanSix Sulf-N® Ammonium Sulfate
  • Guaranteed analysis of 21% nitrogen and 24% sulfur
  • Easy to store because of its anti-caking agent and compatibility with other dry fertilizers.
  • Granular grade is screen-size for uniform blending with all other granular fertilizer products.
  • Proven across a broad geography of field and crop conditions. AdvanSix is the world’s largest single site producer of ammonium sulfate and the global leader in agronomic research and promotion of this product.

Applications & Uses


Physical Form
Soluble in
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Ammonia Nitrogen (as N)min. 21%QAAMSU-0001
Sulfur (as S)min. 24%QAAMSU-0002
Free Acidity (as H₂SO₄)max. 0.1%QAAMSU-0003
Moisture + Anticaking Agent (Mid & Granular Grades Only)max. 1%QAAMSU-0006
Moisture Content (Soluble and Standard Grades Only)max. 0.5%QAAMSU-0004
Size Guide Number (Granular Grade Only)min. 200-QAAMSU-0007
Size Guide Number (Mid-Grade Only)min. 140-QAAMSU-0007
Molecular Weight132.14--
Available Sizes
  • Granular: With a larger size and uniformity, it meets higher quality standards to provide the ideal specifications for bulk blending. It is coated with an anti-caking agent to maintain ease of handling.
    SULF-N® Ammonium Sulfate - Available Sizes
  • Mid: Highly uniform, it is also coated with an anti-caking agent to maintain ease of handling. It is ideal for direct application, offering spread patterns comparable to granular grade products.
    SULF-N® Ammonium Sulfate - Available Sizes - 1
  • Soluble: For use in true liquid applications, manufactured fertilizers, industrial applications and herbicide adjuvants, it is also treated with a water-soluble dedusting agent that suppresses fugitive dust and promotes clean and efficient handling. It rapidly dissolves in water to make base grade ammonium sulfate solutions (8-0-0-9S).
    SULF-N® Ammonium Sulfate - Available Sizes - 2

AdvanSix Sulf-N® ammonium sulfate is soluble in water. A 38% solution of ammonium sulfate by weight (8-0-0-9S) can be made by mixing soluble grade with water. No heat is required for dissolving 762 pounds of Sulf-N® ammonium sulfate into 1,238 pounds of water. Sulf-N® solutions are stable down to 14°F. Higher concentrations (up to 70% by weight), can be produced by suspending the Sulf-N® product with 2% attapulgite clay.

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