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AGC Chemicals Americas, Inc. RESIFA™ SUNSPERA™ D-70-200A silica gel has a significant effect on the polymerization process and properties of the finished polymer. The pore structure, spherical shape, and particle distribution of SUNSPERA™ D-70-200A particles are precisely defined. Using them as catalyst supports improves the morphology and increases the bulk density of the finished polymer resin, as well as improves productivity. SUNSPERA™ D-70-200A is suitable for both liquid phase/slurry processes and gas phase processes.

Chemical Family: Silica

End Uses: Catalyst Support

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Catalyst Support
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Physical Form
Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Mean Particle Size65μm-
Pore Diameter (Peak Pore Diameter of Pore Size Distribution)20nm-
Pore Volume1.7mL/g-
Specific Surface Area300m²/g-
SUNSPERA™ Silica for Catalyst Supports
  Competitor D-70-200 A Units
Mean particle size 59.4 66.4 μm       
Specific surface area 299 317 m²/g
Pore volume 1.51 1.69 mL/g
Pore diameter 20.2 21.3 nm
Span value 0.87 1.05 -
Mechanical strength 1.6 3.2 MPa

*Particle size and Span value measured wtih Floe Partical Image Analysis
* Pore diameter - Peak Pore Diameter