Arma 901-90AS (800% Elongation)

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Arma 901-90AS (800% Elongation) is a two-component, polyurea elastomer spray system that can be applied under harsh environmental conditions. These products are non-hydrophobic with excellent chemical and abrasion resistance, providing excellent elongation.

Product Type: 2K (2 component) Coating, Elastomeric Coating

Compatible Substrates & Surfaces: Concrete, Wood

Features: Abrasion Resistant, Chemical Resistant, Good Impact Strength, High Elongation, Hydrophilic

Application Method: Spray

Chemical Family: Polyureas

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    Chemical Family

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    Applications & Uses

    Application Method
    Compatible Substrates & Surfaces
    • Water and sewage treatment and containment
    • Chemical tanks
    • Boat hulls
    • Pipes, tunnels and reservoirs
    • Agricultural and mining equipment
    • Highway markings
    • Asbestos and lead encapsulate

    Recommended for containment areas where a balance between abrasiveness and high-impact absorption is needed:

    • Military applications
    • Bridges
    • Industrial concrete and wooden floors
    • Utility vaults
    • Water protection in buildings and commercial structures