Soluplus® is a polymeric solubilizer with an amphiphilic chemical structure, which was particularly developed for solid solutions. Due to its bifunctional character, it is able to act as a matrix polymer for solid solutions on the one hand, and, on the other hand, it is capable of solubilizing poorly soluble drugs in aqueous media. Furthermore, Soluplus® can increase the bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs.

Chemical Name: Polyvinyl caprolactam-polyvinyl acetate-polyethylene glycol graft copolymer

CAS Number: 402932-23-4

Functions: Anti-Crystallizing Agent, Bioavailability Enhancer, Filler, Film Former, Matrix Forming Agent, Solubilizer, Stabilizer

Dosage Form: Dispersions, Transdermal Patches

Labeling Claims: Sustainable

Certifications & Compliance: China DMF, DMF Type IV, DMF Type V, US DMF, cGMP

Technical Data Sheet

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Identification & Functionality

Country of Origin

Features & Benefits

Labeling Claims
Key Benefits
  • Outstanding solubilization properties, especially for poorly soluble APIs
  • Solubility effects due to pH shifts can be avoided
  • Enables bioavailability enhancement
  • Soluplus® with its glass transition temperature of around 70°C is a well extrudable polymer and shows no chemical degradation even after extrusion at 220°C.
  • Ideal for hot melt extrusion

Applications & Uses


White to yellowish granules

Regulatory & Compliance

Chemical Inventories

Packaging & Availability

Packaging Type
Packaging Information
  • 0.5KG Plastic bottle (Sample)
  • 12.5KG Plastic drums
  • 25KG Fibreboard boxes

Storage & Handling

Storage Information & Retest Period
  • Store below 30°C. Store in tight containers, protect from light, moisture and freezing. Carefully reseal the container after opening.
  • Retest Period : 36 months