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BTC Europe GmbH Methoxypropylacetate EG

BTC Europe GmbH Methoxypropylacetate EG is a medium-volatility solvent with a mild odor. It lacks hydroxyl groups, making it a potent solvent for various resins and dyes. Primarily used in coatings and printing inks, it often serves as a substitute for ethoxyethyl acetate. Methoxypropyl acetate, available as a clear, slightly hygroscopic liquid with a mild odor, exhibits free miscibility with most common organic solvents while displaying limited miscibility with water. This characteristic makes it a versatile choice for applications where compatibility with various solvents is crucial.

Chemical Name: 1-Methoxy-2-Propyl Acetate, 2-Methoxypropyl acetate

Functions: Solvent

Chemical Family: Acetates

Physical Form: Solid

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