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Black Walnuts are BOLD and WILD -- very different from regular walnuts

Hammons Products Co. is the leader in the niche Black Walnut nut industry, as a family business with over 76 years of experience. Their plant in southwest Missouri is SQF certified, assuring consumers of safe, quality food. Also certified Kosher, non-GMO Project verified and gluten-free.

Wild Black Walnuts stand out in the nut world because of their distinct, BOLD flavor, incredible versatility and impressive health benefits. Hand-harvested in the USA every fall, they are one of a few crops still picked by hand, making them a unique, all-natural and sustainable nut.The wild American Black Walnut is native to 32 states and is the official tree nut of Missouri, where the crop is most abundantly found. It is one of the most valuable and fully utilized natural forest trees in the United States.

The flavorful nuts contain the highest PROTEIN of any other tree nut and are hand-harvested and used as a popular ingredient in both savory and sweet recipes, while the wood is used in crafting furniture and gun stocks. The husks can be used to make dyes, and the shells—the hardest of any tree nut in the world—are used in a wide range of industrial applications.

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