Indena Linden Tree

Indena Linden Tree is a dry extract obtained from the inflorescence of Tilia cordata Mill. /Tilia platyphyllos Scop. This product is used in pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals for its benefits in antioedema, healthy mood, and spasmolytic. Indena Linden Tree is kosher-certified.

Ingredient Name: Linden Flower Extract

Active Component: Flavonoids

Functions: Phytochemical

Ingredient Origin: Natural Origin, Plant Origin

Labeling Claims: Kosher, Naturally Derived, Plant-Based

Certifications & Compliance: Kosher

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Identification & Functionality

Active Component
Ingredient Name
Pharma & Nutraceuticals Functions
Plant Source


Extract Type

Dry Extract

Botanical Origin

Tilia cordata Mill. /Tilia platyphyllos Scop.

Features & Benefits

Food Ingredients Features
Product Overview

Facing Life More Calmly

  • Tiliae flos (lime flower) is formed by the whole dried inflorescence of Tilia cordata Miller, of Tilia platyphyllos Scop., of Tilia x vulgaris Heyene or a mixture of all these. Lime tree (Linden) is a tall tree that can be found throughout Europe, in the wild or planted in gardens.
  • A Greek myth narrates that the nymph Philyra, after praying the gods not to stay among the mortals, was transformed into a lime tree. Traditionally, the flowers have been considered useful in case of headaches, indigestion and diarrhea and, above all, were believed to be so active in treating epilepsy that only by stay beneath the tree the person could be cured.
  • Actually, linden tree - thanks to its relaxing and anxiolytic properties - is indicated as a natural supplement for insomnia. High concentrations of flavonoids, coumarins, essential oils, mucilage, tannins are used to fight insomnia, tachycardia, nervousness and headaches, mainly due to states of anxiety and stress.
Health Benefits

Antioedema, Healthy mood, Spasmolytic

Applications & Uses

Food & Nutrition Applications


ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Flavonoidsmin. 0.5%HPLC Method

Regulatory & Compliance

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