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Indena Saw Palmetto CO₂

Indena Saw Palmetto CO₂ is an oily or soft extract obtained from the fruit of Serenoa repens (Bartr.) Small. This product is used in various pharmaceutical applications for its benefits in promoting urinary tract health, prostate health, and its antiandrogen and anti-BPH properties.

Ingredient Name: Saw Palmetto Extract

Active Component: Beta-Sitosterols

Functions: Phytochemical

Ingredient Origin: Natural Origin, Plant Origin

Labeling Claims: Naturally Derived, Plant-Based

Enhanced TDS

Enhanced TDS

Knowde-enriched technical product data sheet

Identification & Functionality

Active Component
Ingredient Name
Pharma & Nutraceuticals Functions
Plant Source


Extract Type

Oily / Soft Extract

Botanical Origin

Serenoa repens (Bartr.) Small

Features & Benefits

Health Benefits

Healthy Prostate and Bladder Function

Applications & Uses

Food & Nutrition Applications


ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Total Fatty Acidsmin. 80.0%GC Method
Lauric Acidmin. 23.0%GC Method
Total Sterols (as β-sitosterol)min. 0.20%GC Method
β-sitosterolmin. 0.10%GC Method