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Naturally Australian Products (NAP) established its roots in the Tea Tree Oil industry, dedicating decades to perfecting the art of growing, harvesting, processing and supplying the purest Australian Tea Tree Oil for the health, wellness and beauty markets.

Thirty years on, NAP applies their expertise in essential oils across other ingredient categories (Carrier Oils, Powders, Extracts, Butters, etc.), providing North American formulators and manufacturers with a wide range of premium ingredients.

- Science-Backed Botanicals

Our transparent and traceable ingredients are certified and tested for hassle-free formulating, and supported by science-based backstories to excite ingredient-curious consumers.

-Eco-Conscious Ethos

The preservation of our planet comes first, sourcing responsibly grown and manufactured ingredients, to ensure a sustainable future for the core of our company - pure plant-based ingredients.

-Customised Service

From skin care to aromatherapy, our team of ingredient experts are dedicated to finding the perfect species for your formulations. Explore our collection of application-based brochures.

Robyn Ingersole, CEO, built NAP on her passion for natural ingredients that contribute to healthy ecosystems, happy livelihoods, and successful products. Each ingredient NAP provides meets strict criteria to ensure traceable, transparent and entirely pure products. NAP's unmatched quality standards and attentive customer care set our service apart from the rest.

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