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PURALOX is the trademark for the aluminum oxides. The proprietary process used in the preparation of these high-purity aluminum oxides allows Sasol to control many important physical properties and hence "tailor-make" a product for your needs. PURALOX are available as white, free flowing powders with high-purity and consistency. Due to the precisely controlled processing conditions during and after manufacturing these aluminum oxides, PURALOX make excellent starting materials for the catalyst industry. They provide excellent specific catalytic activities, high surface area stability and low attrition loss. PURALOX are arguably the best starting materials for the catalyst industry where consistency and an stable nature of the support is highly desired. These characteristics are of great importance for fluid and slurry bed applications. Due to their high thermal stability, PURALOX are widely used raw materials for wash coat formulations in environmental emission-control catalysts. Recent developments have found other suitable uses for these materials in applications outside catalysis such as polishing, chromatography, adsorbents and gas separation.
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