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BIO-SOFT® N-300 is a triethanolamine salt of linear alkylbenzene sulfonic acid. This anionic surfactant finds application in personal care products such as shampoo and bubble bath formulations as well as agricultural applications. It also exhibits excellent wetting, foaming, and detergent properties.

INCI Name: TEA-Dodecylbenzenesulfonate

Functions: Dispersant, Dispersant, Emulsifier, Surfactant, Surfactant (Anionic)

Chemical Family: Linear Alkylbenzene Sulfonic Acid (LABSA)

Labeling Claims: Preservative-free, Ulta Beauty's Conscious Beauty

Synonyms: Dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid triethanolamine salt, Laurylbenzenesulfonic acid triethanolamine salt, Triethanolamine dodecylbenzenesulfonate (salt), Triethanolamine dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid salt, Triethanolamine dodecylbenzosulfonate, Triethanolammonium dodecylbenzenesulfonate

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Identification & Functionality

EC No.
Chemical Structure

BIO-SOFT® N-300 - Chemical Structure

Features & Benefits

Agrochemicals Features

Product is readily biodegradable.

Applications & Uses

Application Format
Hair Care Applications
Home Care Applications
Personal Hygiene Applications
Skin Care Applications
  • BIO-SOFT N-300 is a 60% active aqueous solution of biodegradable triethanolamine linear alkylate sulfonate. BIO-SOFT N-300 is produced via Stepan's continuous SO₃ sulfonation process, which yields a high purity product.
  • BIO-SOFT N-300 exhibits excellent wetting, foaming, and detersive properties. BIO-SOFT N-300 is used for shampoo and bubble bath formulations where a low cloud point anionic is desired.
  • BIO-SOFT N-300 was developed for oily hair shampoos. It provides effective removal of oil without stripping the hair.


Physical Form
Clear liquid (at 25°C)
Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Boiling Pointmin. 93°C
Actives Content (MW 466)60%
Cloud Point-8°C
pH (1% in aqueous solution)7.13
Color (Transmittance at 420 nm)73%
Flash Pointmin. 94°CPMCC Flash Point Tester
Freeze Point-12°C
Pour Point-9°C
Viscosity (at 0 °C)16000cPs
Viscosity (at 25°C)2238cPs
Viscosity (at 60°C)250cPs
Regulated Volatile Organic Chemicals0%U.S. EPA

Regulatory & Compliance

Certifications & Compliance

All components of BIO-SOFT N-300 are listed in the following countries; the registration numbers for the active ingredients are included in parentheses: Europe (EINECS 248-406-9), Japan (ENCS 3-1884), Canada (DSL 27323-41-7) and Australia (AICS 27323-41-7).

Safety & Health


BIO-SOFT N-300 is slightly toxic orally (LD₅₀ = 1653 mg/kg) and causes slight skin and moderate eye irritation.

Packaging & Availability

Packaging Type
Standard Packaging

BIO-SOFT N-300 is available in bulk and 55 gallon drums (net weight 450 lb/204 kg).

Storage & Handling

Storage & Handling
  • Normal safety precautions (i.e. gloves and safety goggles) should be employed when handling BIO-SOFT N-300. Contact with the eyes and prolonged contact with the skin should be avoided. Wash thoroughly after handling material.
  • It is recommended that BIO-SOFT N-300 be stored in sealed containers and kept at temperatures between 40°F (4°C) and 110°F (43.3°C). Avoid overheating or freezing. If material is frozen, mild heat and agitation are recommended to ensure the material is homogeneous before use.
  • Bulk Storage Information: Tanks made of 316 stainless steel or fiberglass with an Atlac 382 corrosion liner are recommended. Gear pumps and piping should be 316 stainless steel. Recommended storage for bulk tanks is 90-100°F (32-38°C).