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Function: Solubilizer, Buffering Agent, Chemical Intermediate
Chemical Name: Sodium Hydroxide
CAS Number: 1310-73-2
End Uses: Bar Soaps, Bleach, Brewery Cleaners, Mineral Processing, Detergents
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Identification & Functionality

Features & Benefits

Product Background

Helping you achieve your sustainability goals

To produce our renewable caustic soda, we use electricity generated from renewable energy input like wind, solar, aerothermal, geothermal or water (including hydrothermal sources, waves and tides) in our membrane electrolysis process. This results in a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to conventional caustic soda and will help you achieve your sustainability goals.

Same product quality and specifications

Our renewable caustic soda meets the same rigorous product quality and specifications as our conventionally produced caustic soda. You will be able to process it with your existing equipment, under identical process conditions. Vynova’s renewable caustic soda is certified under the ISCC PLUS framework according to a mass balance concept using a proportional approach.

Applications & Uses