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Dupont producer card banner


Brands: 35

Products: 2090

HQ: India

DuPont ( is a science-based products and services company. Founded in 1802, DuPont puts science to work by creating sustainable solutions essential to a better, safer, healthier life for people everywhere. Operating in more than 90 countries, DuPont offers a wide range of innovative products and services for markets including agriculture and food; building and construction; communications; and transportation.

Advansix producer card banner


Brands: 9

Products: 81

HQ: United States

Clariant producer card banner


Brands: 62

Products: 580

HQ: Switzerland

As one of the world’s leading specialty chemical companies, Clariant contributes to value creation with innovative and sustainable solutions for customers from many industries. Our portfolio is designed to meet very specific needs with as much precision as possible. At the same time, our research and development is focused on addressing the key trends of our time. These include energy efficiency, renewable raw materials, emission-free mobility, and conserving finite resources. Our business units are organized into four business areas: Care Chemicals, Natural Resources, Catalysis and Plastics & Coatings.

Mitsubishi Chemical Group producer card banner

Mitsubishi Chemical Group

Brands: 31

Products: 137

HQ: United States

Realizing KAITEKI, the sustainable well-being of people, society and our planet Earth The Mitsubishi Chemical Group* is a comprehensive chemical company that develops a wide range of businesses from basic materials to functional products on a global scale. With the capabilities we have accumulated over the years of operation, we create new values and provide solutions to diversified social and environmental issues. * The Mitsubishi Chemical Group consists of Mitsubishi Chemical Group Corporation and its group companies

Lg Chem producer card banner

LG Chem

Brands: 23

Products: 836

HQ: Korea, Republic Of

LG Chem, Ltd. is a globally diversified chemical company which manufactures a wide range of products, from petrochemical goods to high-value added plastics, and extends its chemical expertise into high-tech areas such as electronic materials and rechargeable batteries. Since its establishment in 1947, LG Chem has strengthened global presence in the petrochemical industry by expanding key businesses including ABS and PVC, namely ranging from premium products to daily commodities. Subsequently in the decade of 1990s, LG Chem successfully commercialized polarizer used in LCDs and has firmly maintained No.1 position in the global market by continuous investment in R&D. With significant market share in consumer, automotive and stationary applications, LG Chem is also one of the world’s largest lithium-ion battery manufacturers that powers electronic gadgets, Electric Vehicles(EV) and Energy Storage Systems(ESS). Based on the technology and capability accumulated so far, LG Chem aims to reinforce talent development while increasing investment in R&D to maintain its leadership in becoming a "world-class materials company strong in R&D."​ We will also concentrate on sharpening our competitive edge in core businesses while expanding new business opportunities.

Solvay producer card banner


Brands: 29

Products: 89

HQ: United States

Solvay, an international chemical group, offers a broad range of products that enhance performance in Home & Personal care products. Solvay delivers creative solutions to deliver new product innovations that maximize consumer benefits. Solvay Novecare is an industry leader in natural, naturally-derived and synthetic polymers, and specialty surfactants, delivering high-performance solutions to diversified markets, including health care, personal care and home care. With a worldwide industrial footprint and global R&D and tech support network, Solvay Novecare has developed the expertise to answer a variety of needs in surface modification, rheology, active delivery, and improvement of formulations and processes while committed to sustainable development.

Kobo Products producer card banner

Kobo Products

Brands: 12

Products: 1039

HQ: United States

Since 1987 Kobo has provided innovative, technology-based raw materials to the cosmetic industry. The product range includes Surface Treated Pigments, Microspheres, Suncare and Color Dispersions, Silicone Fluids, Specialties, Natural Ingredients, Effect Pigments, Boron Nitride and Delivery Systems. Kobo has five locations, USA (Corporate Headquarters), France, Japan, Brazil and UK and is represented globally by independent agents.

Dynasol Elastomers producer card banner

Dynasol Elastomers

Brands: 8

Products: 152

HQ: United States

Sales offices serve more than 500 clients in 70 different countries. In 2015 during this international expansion strategy Repsol and Kuo Group strengthen their partnership with the incorporation of the Spanish company General Química one of the leading producers of catalysts, specialty chemicals and organic dyes.

Dsm Engineering Materials producer card banner

DSM Engineering Materials

Brands: 7

Products: 503

HQ: Netherlands

Test 9-30-21

Sumitomo Chemical producer card banner

Sumitomo Chemical

Brands: 6

Products: 118

HQ: Japan

Sumitomo Chemical America, Inc. is part of a group of more than 160 companies operating worldwide in such diverse business categories as Basic Chemicals, Petrochemicals & Plastics, IT-related Chemicals, Health & Crop Sciences, and Pharmaceuticals. We offer a wide range of innovative products and technologies that strive to address global needs and challenges. In 2015, we celebrated our 100th anniversary. We have reaffirmed the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in our business operations and have made a commitment, as part of our corporate vision, to help solve global challenges through the power of chemistry, or what we refer to as Creative Hybrid Chemistry. Chemistry wields virtually unlimited potential to create solutions to a myriad of problems that threaten the sustainable development of the world, including environmental issues, natural resource and energy problems, food shortages, and poverty. At Sumitomo Chemical, we strive to develop innovative solutions and products by combining the technologies and expertise we have accumulated through years of operation as a diversified chemical company.

Radici Group producer card banner

Radici Group

Brands: 7

Products: 374

HQ: Italy

With approximately 3,000 employees, and a network of production and sales sites located throughout Europe, North America, South America and Asia, RadiciGroup is one of the world’s leading producers of a wide range of chemical intermediates, polyamide polymers, engineering plastics, synthetic fibres and nonwovens. These products are the result of the Group’s outstanding chemical know-how and vertical integration in the polyamide production chain, developed to be used in a variety of industrial sectors such as: Automotive – Electrical and Electronics – Consumer Good – Apparel – Furnishings – Construction – Household Appliances – Sport. The basis of the Group’s strategy is a strong focus on innovation, quality, customer satisfaction and social and environmental sustainability

Kolon Industries producer card banner

Kolon Industries

Brands: 12

Products: 460

HQ: Korea

Since the first nylon production in Korea in 1957, KOLON Industries, Inc., formerly KOLON Corporation, has made a significant contribution to national economic growth, and is now an independent company separated from the Manufacturing Department of KOLON Corporation after the adoption of a holding company structure by the KOLON Group in 2010.

Polyram Group producer card banner

Polyram Group

Brands: 11

Products: 481

HQ: Israel

Polyram Plastic Industries LTD is a leading international supplier of high performance thermoplastic compounds with three production sites spread over Two continents offering Global availability.

Toray producer card banner


Brands: 14

Products: 379

HQ: Japan

Possibilities, turning seawater into drinking water, reinforcing genetic analysis for medical breakthroughs, furthering the evolution of eco-cars, producing plant-based functional clothing, extending the shelf life of food for reduced waste, and creating a world where everyone can achieve their personal best.

Polyplastics Group producer card banner

Polyplastics Group

Brands: 10

Products: 308

HQ: India

Polyplastics, established in 1962 at the dawn of the engineering plastics era, was the first specialized engineering plastics manufacturer in Japan.

Domo Chemicals producer card banner

DOMO Chemicals

Brands: 4

Products: 547

HQ: Belgium

DOMO Chemicals is a customer oriented, unique integrated nylon 6 player, globally active in the field of nylon 6 intermediates (caprolactam, cyclohexanone, phenol, acetone, ...), nylon 6 resins, nylon 6 engineering plastics, fertilizers, engineering plastics, nylon 6 packaging film and distribution of petrochemical products.

Asahi Kasei Corporation producer card banner

Asahi Kasei Corporation

Brands: 8

Products: 308

HQ: Italy

Our fibers operation supplies worldwide markets with original technologies and unique fiber materials developed through 90 years of experience in manufacturing of original yarn, spun fiber, and fabric.

Eurostar Engineering Plastics producer card banner

Eurostar Engineering Plastics

Brands: 8

Products: 318

HQ: Spain

Eurostar Engineering Plastics develops and delivers engineering thermoplastic resins solutions to serve all market segments. The company recognition comes also from its unique know-how in the development and commercialization of halogen free flame retardant polymers.

Dic Corporation producer card banner

DIC Corporation

Brands: 12

Products: 106

HQ: Japan

Color & Comfort— DIC is a fine chemicals company with a top share in printing inks, organic pigments and PPS compounds in the global market. Established in 1908 as a manufacturer of printing inks, DIC has capitalized on its capabilities in organic pigments and synthetic resins to build a broad portfolio to markets such as automobiles, electronics, foods and housing. DIC operates in more than 60 countries and territories around the world today.

Arlon Electronic Materials producer card banner

Arlon Electronic Materials

Brands: 1

Products: 35

HQ: United States

Arlon Electronic Materials Division (EMD) is located in Rancho Cucamonga, California and is a major manufacturer of specialty high performance laminate and prepreg materials for use in a wide variety of PCB (printed circuit board) applications.

Techmer Pm producer card banner

Techmer PM

Brands: 6

Products: 1339


Techmer PM was established in November 1981 in Los Angeles to fill a growing need for a western U.S. manufacturer with technical expertise in formulating plastic colorants and additives. The start-up came to be through an agreement John Manuck, our founder and current chairman and CEO, struck with the Rehrig Pacific Company plant to utilize its production line.

Akro-plastic Gmbh producer card banner

Akro-Plastic GmbH

Brands: 5

Products: 526

HQ: Germany

AKRO-PLASTIC GmbH is your specialist for innovative and application-oriented plastic compounds. With over 25 years’ experience, our comprehensive knowledge of plastic compounding means we have the right solutions for your every compounding need.

Adell Plastics, Inc. producer card banner

Adell Plastics, Inc.

Brands: 1

Products: 220

HQ: United States

Founded in 1957, Adell Plastics has proudly earned recognition as a leader in both compounding technology and exceptional customer service. With production facilities in Baltimore, MD, Petersburg, WV, and Denham Springs, LA Adell Plastics has established an unparalleled ability to respond to every job with a rare combination of creativity, flexibility, speed, and absolute confidentiality.

Lati Industria Thermoplastici S.p.a producer card banner

Lati Industria Thermoplastici S.p.A

Brands: 25

Products: 437

HQ: Italy

LATI Thermoplastic Industries S.p.A. is the official global supplier of high technology solutions for the thermoplastic industry; it has been officially included in the foremost independent successful compounders by Applied Market information, in the publication “Technical Compounders – A review of Europe’s 50 largest players”. Thanks to over 70 years of experience in the sector of plastic materials, Lati has a consolidated reputation in terms of quality and service.

Vamp Tech producer card banner

Vamp Tech

Brands: 22

Products: 250

HQ: United States

VAMP TECH was founded in November 1988 inspired by the concept of developing a strong expertise on flame retardant formulations, developed on various polymer bases.

Asahi Glass Co., Ltd producer card banner

Asahi Glass Co., Ltd

Brands: 5

Products: 86

HQ: United States

Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells glass, electronics, chemicals, and ceramics/other products worldwide. The company offers architectural glass products, including float glass, low-emissivity glass, double glazing glass for solar control/heat-insulation, safety glass, and decorative glass; insulating, laminated, wired, toughened, solar control, sound insulation, decorative, float and patterned, structural glazing, and industrial glasses; and tempered and laminated automotive glasses. It also provides glass substrates used for thin-film-transistor liquid crystal displays and OLEDs; electronic materials, such as CMOS/CCD blue filters, CMP slurries, synthetic quartz glasses

Grupa Azoty S.a producer card banner

Grupa Azoty S.A

Brands: 3

Products: 180

HQ: Poland

Grupa Azoty is currently the EU's number two manufacturer of nitrogen and compound fertilizers, and its other products, including melamine, caprolactam, polyamide, oxo alcohols and titanium white, enjoy an equally strong standing in the chemical sector, with a wide range of applications across various industries.

Pentac Polymer Gmbh producer card banner

PENTAC Polymer GmbH

Brands: 3

Products: 468

HQ: Germany

PENTAC Polymer GmbH was founded in 1987, develops and manufactures customer specific polyamide injection molding compounds in its facilities at Groß-Umstadt. Our mid-sized, independent, family owned company is specialized in thermoplastic engineering materials based on polyamide.

Global Plastics, Llc producer card banner

Global Plastics, LLC

Brands: 1

Products: 31


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Nylene producer card banner


Brands: 6

Products: 246

HQ: United States

Founded in 1979, Polymeric Resources Corporation (PRC) and its operating subsidiaries are producers and Compounders of engineering thermoplastics.

Asahi Kasei Plastics producer card banner

Asahi Kasei Plastics

Brands: 2

Products: 44

HQ: United States

Whether it is the next generation of lightweight materials, low-VOC compounds or sustainably sourced resins, Asahi’s award winning technologies are providing new solutions for the key challenges facing global automotive OEMs.

Greene Tweed producer card banner

Greene Tweed

Brands: 9

Products: 87

HQ: United States

We offer design and manufacturing expertise around the world, solving your critical challenges through the development of custom-designed, leading-edge components.

Rhetech - A Hexpol Company producer card banner

Rhetech - A Hexpol Company

Brands: 2

Products: 446

HQ: United States

RheTech LLC A HEXPOL Company is committed to the management of health, safety, and environmental systems as a key component of our business.

Ensinger Gmbh producer card banner

Ensinger GmbH

Brands: 1

Products: 151

HQ: Germany

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Phillips66 producer card banner


Brands: 1

Products: 56

HQ: United States

Our COPYLENE® polypropylene plant at the Phillips 66 Bayway Refinery in Linden, New Jersey utilizes native propylene feedstock to produce up to 775 million pounds-per-year of polypropylene.

Chase Plastics producer card banner

Chase Plastics

Brands: 1

Products: 91

HQ: United States

We’re proud to offer one of the industry’s broadest product portfolios. Offering access to more than 18,000 specialty, engineering and commodity thermoplastics double- and triple-sourced from leading domestic and global suppliers, we provide solutions that help processors manufacture superior products at a cost-effective price point. The result: an improved bottom line for your business.