ADM Native Starch 170 I

ADM Native Starch 170 I is a hot water-soluble native maize starch suited for various industrial applications, especially paper surface treatment. It improves texture and tenderness, providing a clean, neutral flavor that won’t interfere with the finished product’s taste. Additionally, it also delivers textural benefits in a variety of applications, including filled cakes, tortillas, and cereals.

Chemical Family: Starches

Applicable Processes: Paper Manufacturing

Features: Hot Water Soluble

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Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Moisture Content11.00 - 13.00%Oven - A0103 (Ref. ISO 1666)
Protein (Nx6.25)max. 0.35%/cpKjeldahl - A0401 (Ref. ISO 3188)
Black Specksmax. 5mg/kgBLACK SPECKS - Visual - A0601
Ash Contentmax. 0.30%Muffle oven - A0702 (Ref. ISO 3593)
Calcium150 - 250mg/kgAtomic Absorption Spectrophotom.- A0820
SO₂ Contentmax. 50.00mg/kglodine titration - A0904
pH Value6.50 - 7.50pH - A0923

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Cool dry environment.