Novasoy® 400 Standard GM (152415)

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Novasoy® 400 Standard GM (152415) offers a multitude of benefits and claims. Notably, it is formulated to assist with menopausal discomforts and enhance bone health. This versatile product finds application in various end uses, spanning nutritional bars, dietary supplements, meal replacements, powdered beverages, functional beverages, juices, and dairy drinks. Distinguished by features such as high quality, healthy-looking skin, improved bone health, and enhanced blood circulation

Ingredient Name: Soybean Isoflavone

Active Component: Phytoestrogens

Functions: Phytochemical

Ingredient Origin: Natural Origin, Plant Origin

Labeling Claims: Clean Label, Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS), Gluten-free, Identity Preserved (IP), Kosher, Natural, Naturally Derived, Plant-Based

Certifications & Compliance: Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS), Gluten-free, Kosher

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