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Aegis Brand
Supplier:  AdvanSix
Products:  29

For customers around the globe seeking a reliable supply of nylon resins with superior quality and seamless customer support, AdvanSix Aegis® nylon resins and Aegis® barrier nylon resins are the ideal solution.

AdvanSix nylon resins are a preferred choice in food, liquid, and consumer packaging along with mono/multifilament products, carpet fibers, automotive compounding and more. Our resins are available in a wide range of viscosities and additive packaging to meet the exact needs of customers.

Brand Summary

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Identification & Functionality

Chemical Family
Polymer Name
Co-Polyamide,Polyamide (unspecified),Polyamide 6 (PA 6),Polyamide 6/66 (PA 6/66)
Additives Included
Heat Stabilizer,Lubricant (Unspecified),Nucleating Agent,Plasticizer (Unspecified)
Product Families
Basic Thermoplastics,
Recycled Polymers,
Engineering & Specialty Polymers,
Plastics & Elastomers Functions

Features & Benefits

Labeling Claims
Contains PIR Resin,Food Contact Acceptable

Applications & Uses

Automotive & Transportation,Building & Construction,Consumer Goods,Electrical & Electronics,Industrial,Printing & Packaging
Footwear,Apparel,Carpet & Upholstery,Sports & Recreation,Other Consumer Goods Applications,Stationery, Art & Office Supplies,Lawn & Garden,
Automotive ,
Tires,Electrical & Electronic Systems,Powertrain & UTH,Safety Systems,Aftermarket Parts & Components,Automotive Lighting,Interior,
Flooring & Surfaces,
Artificial Turf,Carpet,
Devices & Assemblies,
Lighting,Other Devices & Assemblies,Automotive Electronics,Consumer Electronics,
Wire & Cable,
Jacketing & Insulation,Building Wires & Power Cables,
Chemical & Industrial Manufacturing,
Equipment & Parts,
Paper & Pulp,
Coated Paper & Paperboard,
Textiles & Nonwovens,
Other Textile Applications,Technical Fabrics,
Flexible Packaging,
Food Films & Packaging,
Food & Beverage Packaging,Industrial & Transport Packaging,
Decorative Materials & Finishes,
Carpet,Artificial Turf,
Plastics & Elastomers End Uses
Airbags,Appliance Wire Jacketing,Automotive Applications,Balloons,Bcf Multifilaments,Biaxially Oriented Film,Book Covers,Bottles,Building Wire Insulation,Building Wire Jacketing,Carpet Fiber,Cast Films,Electrical/Electronic Applications,Film,Fishing Lines & Nets,Flexible Packaging,Food Packaging,Form Fill Seal Packaging,Gears,High Strength Fiber,Industrial Applications,Industrial Fiber Applications,Industrial Film Applications,Levers,Monofilament Trimmer Lines,Monofilaments,Netting,Oriented Film,Paper Coating,Paper Machine Clothing,Plenum Cable Jacketing,Pouches Flexible Packaging,Profiles,Retort Pouches,Rigid Food Packaging,Ropes & Cordage,Seat Belts & Webbing,Shrink Wrap,Stretch Films,Textile Applications,Tire Cord,Transportation Wire Insulation,Transportation Wire Jacketing,Tubing,Turf Applications,Wire & Cable Applications,Wire Jacketing
Plastics & Elastomers Processing Methods
Blow Molding,Blown Film Extrusion,Cast Film Extrusion,Compounding,Extrusion,Extrusion Coating,Fiber Spinning,Film Extrusion,Injection Molding,Pipe, Profile & Tubing Extrusion,Profile Extrusion,Thermoforming