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Brueggemann Organic Ethanol 96% - Europe Grade
  • INCI Name:Ethyl Alcohol
  • Ingredient Name:Ethyl Alcohol
  • Chemical Name:Ethanol
  • Functions:Anti-Microbial Agent, Preservative, Solvent
  • CAS Number:64-17-5
  • Synonyms:1-Hydroxyethane, Alcohol, Anhydrol, C2H5OH, Ethyl Alcohol, Ethyl Hydrate, Ethyl Hydroxide, EtOH, Hydroxyethane, Methylcarbinol
Brueggemann Organic Ethanol 96% is our high-quality standards BioPremium Wheat and BioPremium Potato that are guaranteed by Biological controls and certification. It is used by customers who have made a conscious choice to specialize in the use of certified organic raw materials. Brueggemann’s BioPremium Wheat comes from controlled organic cultivation and meets biologically controlled and certified quality standards. Controlled organically grown wheat is fermented and gently distilled later. Our BioPremium Wheat is used by customer companies who consciously specialize in the use of certified organic raw materials in the spirits industry. Due to its properties, our organic ethanol is very versatile making it suitable for organic liqueurs, organic spirits, organic gin, and organic vodka. We are the only manufacturer in Germany to offer our customers BioPremium drinking alcohol, made from organic potatoes. Ethanol is fermented from controlled organic potatoes of very high quality, gently distilled, and rectified. The result is a premium product that meets the strictest requirements along the entire value chain. Are you interested in something special and unique for your spirit? The organic certification and the raw material potato make this drinking alcohol unique. Talk to us - we will be happy to advise you! Brueggemann Alcohol is certified organic! BioPremium Wheat from controlled organic grains (Organic ethanol 96%) BioPremium Potato from controlled organic grains (Organic ethanol 96%) #ethanolforbeverages #potablealcohol #potableethanol # organiccertified